Saving history – Trinity Methodist


More presenters than congregation will gather March 7 at 7 p.m. in the continuing effort to save the historic Trinity United Methodist Church on Bridge Street according to information received by Historic City News from the City of St. Augustine’s Public Affairs communique “The St. Augustine Report”.

Five speakers and 17 performances are on the evening program to raise funds for arguably Florida’s oldest Methodist congregation (1821) and today perhaps its smallest (15).

The challenge – begun when Pastor Innzia Melton’s son, Gary Thompson, put out a plea for help – was picked up by Gale Burnick and Taffy Rook of the Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship. While Taffy and the Fellowship forge a great evening, Gale is in the trenches with fund-raising and grant-writing.

Among the speakers: historian David Nolan and Vice Mayor Errol Jones; among the performances: a drum circle, Tale-Telling, poetry, and Prayer Dancing. Contact Taffy Rook at 904-461-9788, or Gale Burnick to assist.


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