Semi-annual crime reports released


St. Johns County has enjoyed a comparatively low crime rate and semi-annual reports obtained by Historic City News today give us a look at how well we are doing in the fight against crime.

Murder, Forcible Sex Offenses, Forcible Rape, Forcible Sodomy, Forcible Fondling, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny and Motor Vehicle Theft are classified as “Part I” crimes.

During the first six months of 2009, the index of Part I crimes in St. Johns County has dropped 16.7% compared to last year and FDLE reports that our clearance percentage (the percentage of crimes reported that are cleared) has increased from 21.8% to 32.4%.

Compared to the rest of the state, we are also doing well.

Between January and June, 2009, Part I crimes were down 1% statewide; including both juvenile and adult offenses.

The state also tracks statistics for the following crimes; Manslaughter, Kidnap/Abduction, Arson, Simple Assault, Drug Arrests, Bribery, Embezzlement, Fraud, Counterfeit/Forgery, Extortion/Blackmail, Intimidation, Prostitution/Commercialized Sex, Non-Forcible Sex Offenses, Stolen Property Buy/Receive/Possess, Driving Under Influence, Destruction/Damage/Vandalism, Gambling, Weapons Violations, Liquor Law Violations and other miscellaneous offenses which are classified as “Part II” crimes.

Part I and Part II crimes, combined, were down 6% statewide between January and June, 2009.

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