Shoar addresses criminal justice cadets

St. Johns River Community College Criminal Justice Academy Director, Scott Lancaster, reported to Historic City News that St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar was the guest speaker at ceremonies held in Orange Park recognizing the academy’s recent graduates.

Cadets representing St. Johns, Clay, Putnam, Duval and Flagler counties received their certificates of completion for the law enforcement basic recruit and corrections basic recruit programs.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, St. Augustine Police Department and Clay County Sheriff’s Office opened the ceremony with the presentation of the colors followed by the cadets reciting the code of ethics.

Special recognition in the basic law enforcement class went to St. Johns County resident Andrew Ayres for Most Proficient in Firearms and to Duval County resident Christopher Cavallini for Highest Academic Achiever. The Medallion Award went to St. Johns County resident William Lennon Jr.(Shown here with Instructor Jon Wrich)

Special recognition in the corrections class was awarded Putnam County resident Lee Butler for the Medallion Award, to Clay County resident Neal McDade for Highest Academic Achiever, and to St. Johns County resident Todd DeLisa for Most Proficient in Firearms. (Shown here with Instructor Melinda Padgett)

Law enforcement basic recruit graduates from St. Johns County: Thomas Appleby, Andrew Ayres, Monica Uhal, Matthew Booth, Michael Charles, Joseph Counihan, Randall Cox, Brittney Garmon, William Gerwe, William Jensen, Bethany Jordan, William Lennon Jr., Donald Pellicer and Alexander Stettner.

Law enforcement basic recruit graduates from Putnam County: James Davis and Daniel Taylor.

Law enforcement basic recruit graduates from Flagler County: Frank Barbagallo, Peter Butler, John Castanheira, Kevin DeFord, Michael Desrouches, Alexander Nicholas and Joseph Paci III.

Corrections graduates from St. Johns County are: Todd DeLisa and Christopher Ellis.

Corrections graduates from Putnam County are: Lee Butler, Cesar Hernandez, Frederick Kemp and Archavette Stewart.

Corrections graduates from Flagler County are: Mohammad Ahmad and Steven Callis.

A new class of law enforcement cadets began their program earlier this month and a new class of corrections cadets will begin their training on Monday.

The next daytime classes for law enforcement basic recruits are scheduled to begin in August, and evening classes are scheduled to begin in October.

Classes for corrections basic recruits are scheduled to begin in September. For more information, contact the Criminal Justice Academy at 904-808-7490.

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