Solution to sound complaints to be heard


Island residents heard the noise of skateboards emanating from Hamilton Upchurch Park — and city officials heard the residents’ complaints, according to a report received by Historic City News from the City of St. Augustine.

City commissioners will get an independent consultant’s report Monday, along with a request for $75,000 from surplus funds to build “a sound attenuation berm” at the park at Anastasia Boulevard and Red Cox Drive.

The consultants took extensive measurements, finding the city’s 60-decibel noise limit “was exceeded … more than 40 times during the 15-minute measurement period” in one example.

While the consultant said a 600-foot-long eight to 16-foot wall along the Flamingo Drive could reduce noise levels, it couldn’t be guaranteed to meet city code, and could cost from $200,000 to $600,000.

City staff is recommending an earthen berm and on August 1st, put into effect another consultant recommendation — reducing park use to 10:00 a.m. until dusk each day rather than the previous dawn to dusk.

Height of the berm has not been determined.


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