Storm related emergency responses increase

St. Johns County Fire Rescue saw a significant increase in storm-related emergency calls during last month’s nor’easter, according to figures reported by the County Administrator’s office.

During most storm-related events, it is common for emergency calls for public assistance to increase, but due to the duration of the May 2009 storm the increase in activity was significant.

The following breakdown shows emergency responses related to the inclement weather and not routine emergency responses during the storm days of May 17th through May 23rd:

total of 511 Fire Rescue responses (25 percent above average);
total of 57 motor vehicle accidents, 47 with injuries, eight with entrapment and two without injury ( 43 percent increase);
total of 51 fire alarms, 11 residential, 40 commercial, one high target and one CO alarm (155 percent increase);
total of 6 confirmed structure fires, three residential and three commercial (50 percent increase);
total of 36 downed power lines/power pole incidents (620 percent increase);
total of 12 storm debris removals/storm related emergencies (100 percent increase);
total of 6 water rescue incidents, including two drowning emergencies.


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