Suspect in custody for stealing cemetery urns


Sheriff’s Media Relations Officer Kevin Kelshaw reported to Historic City News that a St. Johns County couple was arrested on charges of dealing in stolen property early this afternoon in Putnam County and face additional charges in St. Johns County.

The two, identified as Michael Ray Reed, 19 and Jessica Ashley Heymen, 21, both of 1150 Cypress Rd., #7, are being held in the Putnam County Jail.

The investigation began this morning when an unknown number of bronze vases were reported stolen from grave markers at St. Augustine Memorial Gardens on Old Moultrie Rd.

Property Crimes Unit Detective, Graham Harris began checking with recycling companies in St. Johns and Putnam Counties and learned that the two suspects were in Palatka attempting to sell numerous bronze vases at First Coast Recycling.

Deputies from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office detained the pair until detectives with the St. Johns and Putnam County Sheriff’s Offices arrived.

The suspects admitted to the theft and added that they had been to the cemetery several other times over the past two weeks and removed bronze vases.

Authorities recovered 150 vases from today with a value of $33,000. The two are charged with dealing in stolen property in Putnam County and face additional charges in St. Johns County as the investigation continues.