Vision to build replica 16th Century caravel

Executive Director of the city’s 450th Committee Dana Ste. Claire met with Maury Keiser who heads the 450 Community Corps’ Ship Committee.

There’s more to building a ship than wooden mallets, pegs, and planks.

Ste. Claire asked for a synopsis of the committee’s vision to build a replica 16th Century caravel.

Among the planning items provided are the name, process, construction location and timeline, launch, goodwill sail around Florida, and use of the ship after the commemorations.

According to today’s St. Augustine Report, the plan reads much like a funding application for a project estimated at $2 million to build and about $250,000 a year to maintain.

Ste. Claire said the synopsis would be incorporated in the Commemoration Strategic Plan and provides a model for other signature projects in the plan.


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