Alligator mascot to make rounds at RB Hunt

On Wednesday, November 17th, Historic City News has learned that the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park will bring its alligator mascot to R.B. Hunt Elementary School to meet children and celebrate a new business partnership with the school.

The alligator mascot is a six-foot character who will don an R.B. Hunt t-shirt for the event and will make the rounds of classrooms.

The new business partnership between R.B. Hunt Elementary School and The Alligator Farm is designed to bring additional educational opportunities to children and to make the most of the close proximity of The Alligator Farm to the school.

The program will be highlighted by the addition of a live alligator who will take up residence in the school’s media center for viewing by children, staff and parents. In addition, R.B. Hunt will introduce the American alligator as the school’s official new mascot.

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is one of Florida’s oldest and most treasured attractions. Since 1893, it has provided visitors with exciting and educational opportunities to interact with a wide range of crocodilians, reptiles, mammals and birds. Located on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, The Alligator Farm features natural exhibits, wildlife shows and educational demonstrations. It is the only place in the world where visitors can see every species of alligator, crocodile, caiman and gharial. In 1992, The Alligator Farm was designated a U.S. Historic District.

Photo credits: © 2010 Historic City News staff photographer

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