Artworthy: Luis Abella

Abella has been teaching ballet around St. Johns County for years. After producing last year’s St. Augustine Community Nutcracker, he made the decision to open his own ballet studio and start The St. Augustine Community Ballet.

Ballet teacher, studio owner,”Abella School of Dance).

Artist or advocate?

Artistic tool of choice?
Expression using body movement.

First artistic memory?
Being on the stage in my first show at age nine in my hometown in Cuba.

Defining moment as an artist?
Being able to use my body to communicate to the audience using different music rhythms.

Inspiration or perspiration?

Favorite art related possession at the moment?
The St. Augustine Community Ballet and Nutcracker. That is my dream.

Why St. Johns County?
I consider St. Augustine as an inspiring community for my dreams.

The first auditions for the Second Annual St. Augustine Community Nutcracker were held last week. For more information on the studio or the Community Ballet visit:

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