Artworthy: Stephen Kent Pigman

ARTWORTHY: Stephen Kent Pigman


Artist or Advocate?
Artist and advocate.

Artistic tool of choice?
Musical instruments, writing, various mediums of art.

First artistic memory?
When I was in the first grade I won a writing contest.

Defining moment as an artist?
My defining moment was when I was voted most creative my senior year of high school

Inspiration or perspiration?
You can’t have one without the other!

Favorite art related possession at the moment?
A sculpture that I made of a pig’s head

Why St. Johns County?
I grew up in Fruit Cove. Ever since I moved to St. Augustine I can’t leave! I love this town and feel so embedded and indebted to it that it will always be in my heart. There are so many interesting and inspiring folks here. It’s quite nice!

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