Bank reports attempted use of stolen debit card

The local St. Augustine news desk has learned that last Wednesday afternoon, Police Officer Frank Shipp responded to the Bank of America branch located at 60 Cathedral Place to investigate the attempted use of a stolen debit card.

A bank employee told police that a white woman driving a white jeep pulled into the drive through teller, presented a debit card and attempted to withdraw $1700 from the account.

The victim in this case reported that her card had been stolen on February 28th.

The Bank of America teller informed the woman that she could not process a transaction for that much money. The woman then requested $1500. The teller again told her that she could not process that amount either. Finally the woman requested $1000.

The teller photocopied the woman’s ID and the debit card. The woman told the teller that she needed to leave, got the ID and debit card back, then she left the bank.

While Officer Shipp was still at the bank, another call came in that the same woman was attempting to withdraw money at another bank.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that the second bank held the ID and debit card and turned them over to law enforcement officers.

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