Public Information Officer Sgt. Chuck Mulligan reported to Historic City News from the scene of a fatal shooting on Queen Road that occurred within the past half hour and a manhunt for the shooter is underway.

The area around Martin Road in the St. Augustine South neighborhood has been locked down by a small army of law enforcement officers who have a witness to the crime.

At this early stage, the identity of the male victim is not yet known; however, according to the Sheriff’s spokesman, the shooter fired what is believed to be a shotgun directly into the vehicle where the victim was seated, killing them on the spot.

Although it cannot be absolutely confirmed, it was Mulligan’s understanding that witnesses observed the shooter escape into one of the neighboring houses.

The Sheriff’s SWAT officers are on the scene in the 200 block of Queen Road and the Mobile Command Center has just left the Sheriff’s Office on its way to support the officers in their house-to-house search.

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