Brunson asks for votes to help local charity

St. Johns County businessman Randy Brunson told local reporters at Historic City News that he has been selected as one of thirty-two people to participate in a charity fund raiser through the “Cadillac of Test Drives” program sponsored by Premier Cadillac.

Over the next three days, Brunson, will be driving around the county introducing residents to his designated local charity, Caring Hands-Caring Community.

In an interview with Historic City News Friday, Brunson explained that he is working hard to garner support for the organization and that he hopes enough people will respond to his message to put him ahead of the thirty one other participants.

To vote for Brunson and Caring Hands-Caring Community, click the “VOTE” button found on the contest page at

“$500 will be donated if we receive the most votes on my profile page,” Brunson said. “So, please visit and cast your vote.”

Photo credits: © 2010 Historic City News staff photographer

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