Cab driver aids student attacked in Lincolnville

The local St. Augustine news desk has learned that at about 10:15 Friday night, a cab driver may have saved the life of a Flagler College student who was beaten and robbed by four ruffians in Lincolnville.

As the driver approached the M & M Market located at Bridge Street and MLK Boulevard, he saw four black men beating the victim.

The driver “screeched” his tires while turning around to help the victim; scaring off the four attackers — who took off running with the victim’s bicycle. The driver helped the victim in the cab and drove him to the police station on King Street.

Police Officer William Moltimore met the victim at the station and contacted the cab driver who witnessed the incident.

The victim told police that he was riding his bicycle down Bridge Street in Lincolnville when one of the men ran towards him and knocked him off the bike. One of the attackers held the bicycle while the other three began beating and punching the student.

While the victim was at the police station, he realized that in addition to his stolen bicycle, valued at about $25, he was also missing a wallet containing his Flagler College ID and bankcard — items which the victim reported were in his possession prior to the incident.

The victim sustained minor injuries to the face.

The cab driver told Officer Moltimore that he was driving down Bridge Street to pick up a customer when he witnessed the incident. The driver observed the attackers attempt to cut the backpack off of the victim as they were punching him.

The witness gave police descriptions on two of the assailants who he recalls wearing red short-sleeved shirts, blue jeans, and dark baseball caps. A third male was reportedly wearing long jean shorts with writing on the back, a dark camouflage jacket, and a dark baseball cap; according to the witnesses’ account.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that the investigation is ongoing.

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