City proposing tightened restrictions on car sellers

Areas like the south end of San Marco Avenue and Anastasia Boulevard require a “use by exception” permit to operate a new or used car lot or to “curb” cars for sale in business parking lots or service stations.

At their regular meeting Monday night, the St. Augustine City Commission will hear an ordinance, on first reading, that will extend the “use by exception” permit requirement to remaining commercial zones within the City that are not currently included.

Planning and Building Director Mark Knight says the proposed ordinance, which has been recommended by the Planning and Zoning Board, affects areas covering US-1 and the north end of San Marco Avenue.

The ordinance, which will face a second public hearing if approved Monday night, will require automobile rentals and sales in all areas of the City to go before the Planning and Zoning Board, with public hearings, in order to obtain zoning approval.

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