City voters should be leery

I believe that the key to rebuilding our local economy is encouraging small businesses to make their home in St. Augustine. Be leery of federal government retirees who have spent their careers creating more and more red tape that only discourages small businesses. If you agree, then you need to vote for Michael Gold.

Voters should be leery of any candidate who finances their campaign with money from political action committees and special interest groups who will regularly appear before them if they are elected. If you believe our city will benefit from a commissioner who owes no monetary or political favors to the social elite and has no ethical conflict of interest, then you need to vote for Michael Gold.

Be leery of liberal candidates who will deal with budget shortages by increasing government revenue instead of decreasing government spending. If you believe that government can learn to tighten its belt the same way that those of us in the working world have had to tighten ours, then you need to vote for Michael Gold.

More government and increased fees or taxes does nothing but negatively impact job creation. Working-age St. Augustine residents who are able-bodied and want to support themselves and their families, make their car and mortgage payments on time are insulted by Washington D.C.-style lavish spending on pet projects at the taxpayers’ expense. If you believe that contracting for goods and services locally, whenever possible, is essential to sustaining better paying jobs and reducing unemployment, then you need to vote for Michael Gold.

Continued wasteful spending, self-serving agendas and more government regulations will hurt the economy. Be leery of candidates whose vision overreaches their ability to pay. If you believe that essential government services and public safety should be the focus of government spending and not vanity projects, then you need to vote for Michael Gold.

Be leery of candidates who have spent their lives being part of the problem rather than part of the solution. If you believe that job creation for residents of St. Augustine is possible if we simplify the way the city does business with potential employers, then you need to vote for Michael Gold.

Michael Gold, Editor

Photo credits: © 2010 Historic City News staff photographer
Political editorial approved by Michael Gold for City of St. Augustine Commission – Seat 4 Non-partisan.

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