Contract Awarded for Aviles Street Project

The City of St. Augustine reported to local Historic City News reporters that they have awarded the Aviles Street Rehabilitation Project to Gibbs & Register, Inc., of Winter Garden in the amount of $206,500.

Gibbs & Register has significant streetscaping experience in the central Florida area.

The project includes a new streetscape which will provide on-street dining, new underground utilities, new brick streets, sidewalk widening, benches, landscaping and new street lights. The on-street dining was approved by the city commission earlier in this year.

Work is expected to begin August 2 with the closing of Aviles Street to vehicular traffic however, businesses will remain open. The construction period is expected to last through Labor Day.

The contractor will be responsible for maintaining safe pedestrian access to all of the businesses and minimizing any interruptions that may be unavoidable during the construction period. Further, all pedestrians will be accommodated during the construction.

The Trinity Parish Church parking lot refurbishment is a companion part of the overall project and its construction will begin next week.

To read up to date information about the project logon to the city’s Web site at under Special Notices.

Photo credit: © 2010 Historic City News staff photographer

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