Couple attacked while trying to leave parking lot

Police were called to the scene of a physical fight near the intersection of Tolomato Street and Spanish Street Thursday night at about 11:11 p.m. according to a report received by Historic City News this weekend.

Upon arrival, St. Augustine Police Officer Kevin Carroll made contact with the victim who was bleeding from his left eyebrow.

The victim was able to identify 23 year-old Michael Christopher Anderson who resides at 239 SR-16 in Saint Augustine, as one of the people who attacked him. Carroll detained Anderson while emergency medical personnel tended to the victim’s injuries and while the officer investigated the events leading up to the fight.

According to the police incident report, the victim said he and his wife were trying to leave the parking lot when a black truck recklessly entered the parking lot; blocking the couple from leaving.

The couple exited their vehicle to ask the six occupants of the truck to move so that they could leave. The victim says all six occupants began yelling at them when Anderson approached his wife and pushed her.

The victim stepped between Anderson and his wife. Anderson reportedly hit the victim and knocked him to the ground. The other occupants of the truck, together with Anderson, began continuously kicking the victim, according to the statement given to police.

When police arrived the occupants fled on foot. The victim was treated by fire rescue on scene and was informed he needed to get stitches.

Anderson was arrested and charged with Battery; then was released from custody Friday after posting a $1500.00 appearance bond.

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