Disgruntled homeowner jailed for stalking

Contention between homeowners, the St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation, and members of its board, are nothing new — law enforcement officers have been called to homeowner meetings in the past to preserve the peace.

47 year-old Keith Anthony Goldstein, and his wife Linda, own a condominium unit at Conquistador Condominium on Christina Court in St. Augustine Shores. Keith Goldstein has been one of the property owners who have been most vocal in criticizing the management and board of the condominium association; most recently announcing a Town Hall meeting called for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 4th at the Riverview Club.

According to records on file with the Clerk of Court, the Goldstein’s have been defendants in two recorded liens and a lis pendens that have been filed by lawyers for the condominium association in their attempts to collect unpaid assessments since September of last year.

In an e-mail from Goldstein announcing the Town Hall meeting, he says that there has been an “exhaustive investigation” conducted into the internal operations of the governing body of the St. Augustine Shores community. “As a result of the investigation,” Goldstein said, “St. John’s Law Group has been retained to represent the interests of the homeowners in a civil action.”

On Friday, however, Goldstein was taken into custody by Sheriff’s deputies who obtained sworn affidavits from five people at the Riverview Club who allege that Goldstein has become more and more aggressive in his harassment of them since it was determined that a trespass warning, Goldstein had previously been given, was issued in error.

According to the incident report, for more than a year, Goldstein has made repeated verbal and non verbal gestures towards the condominium’s management and office staff that have placed them in fear for their safety.

As a result, Goldstein was placed under arrest and charged with stalking – a first degree misdemeanor. Goldstein will be issued a Sheriff’s Office Trespass Warning for the Riverview Club and its property in an effort to deter, what the reporting officer described as a “course of unacceptable and harassing conduct.” Goldstein was released the following day in lieu of $12,500 bond.

“It is very apparent at this time,” one deputy wrote, that “Goldstein has no intention of ceasing his behavior without Law Enforcement and Judicial intervention.”

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