DUI saturation patrol yields 3 arrests

St. Johns County local news reporters learned that as part of a three step continuing operation, Sheriff’s deputies conducted a D.U.I. saturation patrol Wednesday evening.

This cooperative effort between the Sheriff’s Office and PACT Prevention Coalition is to combat underage drinking in St. Johns County. The operations are funded through PACT by a SARG grant from the state.

The six-hour operation included six deputies who saturated the entire county looking for those drivers who were impaired.

There were two DUI arrests to include one involving a crash with property damage, an 18-year old female who was given a .02 administrative citation, and a 23-year old male who was arrested for not having a driver’s license. Deputies also handed out 34 assorted traffic citations along with three written warnings.

In an effort to combat underage drinking, the other two components of the SARG grant includes the Alcohol Compliance Detail and the Party Patrol Detail.

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