Final Judgments through 11/4/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Thyssenkrupp Materials NA Inc- vs -Aerocraft Industries Inc-11/3/2010-OR-3372-1066
Bank Of America Na- vs -Bailey Eric S-11/2/2010-OR-3371-643
Branch Banking & Trust Company- vs -Berks Realty LLC-11/3/2010-OR-3372-456
Briggs Vicki Williams- vs -Briggs Thomas Edward-11/2/2010-OR-3371-145
Sea Place Master Association Inc- vs -Burch Charla-10/29/2010-OR-3370-983
Mayfield Sand Ridge Club- vs -Calamari Robert-11/4/2010-OR-3373-747
Patel Dinesh- vs -Capital One Bank USA NA-11/3/2010-OR-3372-207
Community First Credit Union Of Florida- vs -Crosby Darrell Ray-11/3/2010-OR-3372-215
Florida Telco Credit Union- vs -Davis David Arthur-11/2/2010-OR-3371-639
White Publishing Company- vs -Deco Bistro LLC-10/29/2010-OR-3370-996
Dunn Rupert Alexander- vs -Dunn Angela Lynn-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1294
Citimortgage Inc- vs -Farmani Fatemeh-11/3/2010-OR-3372-487
Deutsche Bank National Tr Company – vs -Ference Mary-11/3/2010-OR-3372-91
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Foreman Leesa K-11/3/2010-OR-3372-206
Deutsche Bank National Tr Company – vs -Fountains Association Inc-11/3/2010-OR-3372-478
State Farm Florida Insurance Company – vs -Friebel Karl-11/3/2010-OR-3372-1096
Goldsberry Pamela J- vs -Goldsberry Wayne H-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1296
Grissom Jennifer- vs -Grissom Michael-11/3/2010-OR-3372-259
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Haas Gregg N-11/3/2010-OR-3372-492
Hsbc Bank USA NA – vs -Hampton Jason H-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1450
Cach LLC- vs -Hernandez Aaron D-11/2/2010-OR-3371-1180
Citibank South Dakota Na- vs -Hernandez Edmundo-11/3/2010-OR-3372-211
Coastline Federal Credit Union- vs -Hodge Michelle M-11/2/2010-OR-3371-637
Centerbank Of Jacksonville Na- vs -Irri Scape Of North Florida Inc-11/3/2010-OR-3372-85
Paradise Beach Resort St Augustine Inc- vs -Isicoff Michael-11/3/2010-OR-3372-651
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company- vs -Jackson Jeffrey S-11/3/2010-OR-3372-1064
Gables At Wingfield Townhomes Owners Association Inc- vs -Jones Amber C-10/29/2010-OR-3370-989
Suntrust Mortgage Inc- vs -Keller Carol A-11/3/2010-OR-3372-502
American Express Bank Fsb- vs -Laudenslager James-11/3/2010-OR-3372-464
Central Mortgage Company- vs -Levin Sidney-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1315
Lisenby Kimberly Jameson- vs -Lisenby Mark Allen-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1292
National City Bank- vs -Mcglocking Tarsha-11/3/2010-OR-3372-496
Cascade Capital LLC As Assignee- vs -Mchone Pearce Heather R-11/3/2010-OR-3372-1065
Meek Michael Jay- vs -Meek Melinda M Gillett-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1295
Marsh Creek Owners Association Inc- vs -Mehta Ashish D-10/29/2010-OR-3370-985
Gables At Wingfield Townhomes Owners Association Inc- vs -Michaud Casey M-10/29/2010-OR-3370-987
Deutsche Bank National Tr Company – vs -Morgan Crystal D-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1319
Midland Funding LLC- vs -Mosby Dorinda D-11/2/2010-OR-3371-628
Odom John G Jr- vs -Odom Amanda W-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1293
Cm Reo Trust- vs -Parker Jeramiah J-11/3/2010-OR-3372-473
Allstate Insurance Company – vs -Perry Danny Troy-11/3/2010-OR-3372-1067
Townhomes At Candelero Court Association Inc- vs -Pierson Porsche-10/29/2010-OR-3370-993
Rainey Lisa- vs -Rainey William-11/3/2010-OR-3372-402
Hunter Frank- vs -Randall D W-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1445
Gerard Services Inc- vs -Rau Robert Richard-11/2/2010-OR-3371-641
Honeycutt Ina- vs -Reese Jimmy Lee-11/4/2010-OR-3373-125
Saldutti James J- vs -Saldutti Ellyn L-11/2/2010-OR-3371-1587
Scofield Lori Elizabeth- vs -Scofield Brandon Lester-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1298
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Sievers Jane-11/2/2010-OR-3371-1182
Bank Of America National Assocation – vs -Smith Charles Kelly-11/3/2010-OR-3372-96
Branch Banking & Trust Company- vs -St Auggie Limited Partnership-11/3/2010-OR-3372-465
Capital One Bank USA NA- vs -Stone Robert W-11/3/2010-OR-3372-217
Vystar Credit Union- vs -Vanhoeven Michelle A-11/4/2010-OR-3372-1907
Mann Marvin S- vs -Walter Allison A-11/1/2010-OR-3370-1692
Wanner Chris Anne- vs -Wanner Walter John-11/3/2010-OR-3372-388
Paradigm Properties Management Team Inc- vs -Williams Precious-11/3/2010-OR-3372-629
Wilson Anne M- vs -Wilson Sherman M-10/29/2010-OR-3370-1291
Citimortgage Inc- vs -Woerner Mary C-11/3/2010-OR-3372-483

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