Final Judgments through 12/19/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Shapells Inc- vs -Accent Outdoors LLC-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1009
Schmalkuche Jeanette- vs -Allstate Insurance Company-12/13/2010-OR-3386-557
Mazda American Credit Company- vs -Anderson Frank E-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1708
Us Bank NA – vs -Ashdji Frank-12/15/2010-OR-3387-931
Baker Lorese Lamee- vs -Baker John Gary-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1417
Begley Christine Chandler- vs -Begley David John-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1419
Vystar Credit Union- vs -Berk Ellen A-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1729
Bielefeldt Lisa Ann- vs -Bielefeldt John Curtis-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1174
Florida Telco Credit Union- vs -Blackburn Michael Anthony-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1246
American General Financial Services Of FL- vs -Booth Richard-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1228
Calabrese Nacarol- vs -Calabrese Andrew-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1130
Constantino Maria A- vs -Constantino John-12/17/2010-OR-3388-640
Cox Tommy Daniel Jr- vs -Cox Jessica Kristine Hogan-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1392
Asset Acceptance LLC- vs -Cunningham Maria-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1080
Dandy Clare Alexandra- vs -Downie Roger Vance Jr-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1415
Duffield Robert Leslie- vs -Duffield Dora Mattie-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1170
Provident Funding Associates LP- vs -Duong Ton Hieu-12/15/2010-OR-3387-947
Loco Land Partners LLC- vs -East Coast Resorts Inc-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1299
Newton Walker L- vs -East Coast Resorts Inc-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1308
Crossings At Cypress Trace Condominium – vs -Ehrhardt David Mark-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1230
Evans Joely Ann- vs -Evans Scott Cyril-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1128
Chase Bank USA Na- vs -Fales Robert-12/13/2010-OR-3386-537
Deutsche Bank NAtional Tr Company – vs -Farmer Joanne Marie-12/17/2010-OR-3388-980
Delano Lawrence Adam- vs -Felzien Jennifer Sue-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1148
Gales Natalia Vasilievna- vs -Gales Bleace Edward-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1407
Gillins Linda J Baumer- vs -Gillins Wendell E-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1125
Newell James R- vs -Glawe Randall S-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1601
State Of FLorida- vs -Gonzalez Lena Gail Taylor-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1737
Teeft Pati- vs -Gora Dana-12/17/2010-OR-3388-601
Gosch Gregory Scott- vs -Gosch Heidi Lynn-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1113
Vanfossen Rebecca- vs -Hallberg Timothy-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1189
Handley Michael P- vs -Handley Jennifer N-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1116
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Hardy Robert D-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1241
Harner Margaret- vs -Harner Gregory-12/16/2010-OR-3388-7
Hayden Leo M- vs -Hayden Christy C-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1117
Community First Credit Union Of FL- vs -Haynes Robert L II-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1082
Helinsky Michael Francis- vs -Helinsky Shelley Irene-12/13/2010-OR-3386-596
Steele Michael- vs -Helms Virginia W-12/13/2010-OR-3386-839
Target National Bank- vs -Hernandez Mary-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1600
Healthcare Properties Of St Augustine Inc- vs -Hewett Mary Ann-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1731
Hirshey Brendan- vs -Hirshey Sofia-12/13/2010-OR-3386-593
Holmes Marguerite Dart- vs -Holmes William James-12/13/2010-OR-3386-595
Breeden Corinn- vs -Johnson Jeffrey II-12/13/2010-OR-3386-594
Cach LLC- vs -Kenney Aaron H-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1081
Chase Bank USA- vs -Khakimov Jakhongir-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1234
Fifth Third Bank- vs -Lab Investments Inc-12/15/2010-OR-3387-938
Lanni Susan Willis- vs -Lanni William F-12/13/2010-OR-3386-610
Leon Veronica- vs -Leon Jose M-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1394
Wells Fargo Bank NA – vs -Lore Lajos-12/17/2010-OR-3388-757
Fruit Cove Plaza Llp- vs -Masters Electrical Service Inc-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1705
Us Bank NA – vs -Mccaughey James F-12/13/2010-OR-3386-811
GE Money Bank- vs -Mcginnis Brian-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1354
Mcnett Raymond- vs -Mcnett Bonnie G-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1393
Teeft Patricia- vs -Middleton Silas Jacob-12/17/2010-OR-3388-600
Chase Bank USA- vs -Miller David A-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1500
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Moreau Stephan-12/15/2010-OR-3387-962
Morse Chad A- vs -Morse Tanya-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1145
Citifinancial Services Inc- vs -Nelms Marc-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1235
Discover Bank- vs -Oconnor Emily P-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1355
Chase Bank USA- vs -Patchell Diane-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1499
GE Money Bank- vs -Petito Sharon-12/13/2010-OR-3386-835
State Farm Fire & Casualty Company As Subrogee- vs -Piechoczek Monika L-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1248
Community First Credit Union Of FL- vs -Plumb Jonathan David-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1239
American Express Travel Related Services Inc- vs -Puckett Laura-12/17/2010-OR-3388-979
Discover Bank- vs -Rashley Daniel J-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1233
St Augustine Shores Service Corporation- vs -Russo Michelle R-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1110
Rybacki Patricia- vs -Rybacki David John-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1146
Wiese Usa Inc- vs -Sabados Michael L As Guarantor-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1686
Salgado Jennifer Lynn- vs -Salgado Erik Jason-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1129
Saska Joy E- vs -Saska Aaron-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1140
Joseph G Chiafair Dds Pa – vs -Schmidt Ericha-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1021
St Augustine Shores Service Corporation- vs -Sewards Joseph J-12/13/2010-OR-3386-531
Summit Consulting Inc- vs -Shellfish Grille Inc-12/17/2010-OR-3388-782
Chase Bank USA- vs -Shute John W-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1249
Discover Bank- vs -Singh Samuel S-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1232
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Smith Gregory A-12/13/2010-OR-3386-563
Rockafellow Michael Drew- vs -Thomas Kristin Rayanne-12/14/2010-OR-3387-489
Morgan Rick- vs -Thompson Darenda-12/13/2010-OR-3386-538
Tillett John William Sr- vs -Tillett Colleen H-12/16/2010-OR-3387-1385
L&W Supply Corporation- vs -Tr Walter Construction Inc-12/13/2010-OR-3386-539
Wells Fargo Bank NA- vs -Werner Kimbra S-12/15/2010-OR-3387-1109
Wilgis Rhyannon D- vs -Wilgis Herman Lee III-12/17/2010-OR-3388-1147

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