Final Judgments through 9/15/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Discover Bank- vs -Albritton John R-9/8/2010-OR-3353-401
Branch Banking & Trust Company- vs -All Florida Contractors Inc-9/13/2010-OR-3354-640
Bank Of St Augustine- vs -Ancient City Mortgage Inc-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1962
Asset Acceptance LLC- vs -Anderson Barbara-9/15/2010-OR-3355-411
Barrera Marco Antonio- vs -Argueta Karla O-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1793
Bailey Brian Daniel- vs -Bailey Sarah Katherine-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1812
Wells Fargo Bank NA- vs -Bakker Robert F-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1333
CACH LLC- vs -Bearry Suzanne M-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1375
Lvnv Funding LLC- vs -Belcher Ronald O-9/8/2010-OR-3352-1916
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue- vs -Bianconi Heather-9/8/2010-OR-3353-670
Onewest Bank FSB- vs -Blom Darren R-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1274
First Federal Bank Of North Florida- vs -Bond Gary L-9/15/2010-OR-3355-431
Bourdeau William- vs -Bourdeau Melody-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1790
Bousson Donald- vs -Bousson Mary Elizabeth-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1420
Chase Home Finance LLC- vs -Boyd Rufus H-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1363
Prosperity Bank- vs -Briggs Mikel D-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1971
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue- vs -Brockett William B-9/8/2010-OR-3353-676
HSBC Bank USA – vs -Brooks Cameron R-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1460
Butler Daryl- vs -Butler Jennifer-9/7/2010-OR-3352-413
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Calderala Tim-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1466
American Express Bank FSB- vs -Cammer Marc-9/13/2010-OR-3354-632
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue- vs -Campi Anita-9/8/2010-OR-3353-667
Prosperity Bank- vs -Cariello Ann-9/15/2010-OR-3355-651
Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc – vs -Carney Marlana-9/15/2010-OR-3355-712
Mobley Claude R- vs -Citifinancial Equity Services Inc-9/13/2010-OR-3354-410
Everhome Mortgage Company- vs -Clay Jennifer L-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1268
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Coffman Tyna E-9/15/2010-OR-3355-711
Beverly Ellsworth F- vs -Coleman William H-9/13/2010-OR-3354-566
Comeau Donna A- vs -Comeau Brent A-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1616
Residential Credit Solutions Inc- vs -Comeau Brent A-9/8/2010-OR-3353-242
Farabeau Deborah A- vs -Comer Harry E-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1422
Comparato Elizabeth- vs -Comparato Michael-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1799
Bank Of America NA- vs -Conap Corporation-9/8/2010-OR-3352-1965
Sj Land Associates LLC- vs -Cordele Builders Inc-9/8/2010-OR-3353-209
Sj Land Associates LLC- vs -Cordele Builders Inc-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1138
Cox Cynthia Anne- vs -Cox Thomas Leslie-9/8/2010-OR-3353-126
Coy Richard George- vs -Coy Sharon Elizabeth-9/7/2010-OR-3352-363
Chase Home Finance LLC- vs -Culver Peter B-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1503
American Express Bank FSB- vs -Dale Amanda-9/15/2010-OR-3355-707
Bank Of America NA- vs -Daragjati Lisa-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1381
Dewitt Gracita E- vs -Dewitt Gregory L-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1789
Doerler Tammie A- vs -Doerler Leonard R Jr-9/7/2010-OR-3352-402
Acf Environmental Inc- vs -Downstream Company Inc-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1927
American Express Centurion Bank- vs -Ds Global Investments LLC-9/8/2010-OR-3352-1480
Suntrust Mortgage Inc- vs -Dubose Deena R-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1560
Prosperity Bank- vs -Edwards Steven A-9/8/2010-OR-3353-2
Dominguez Charles- vs -Elite Home Mortgage Financing Inc-9/15/2010-OR-3355-426
Carolina First Bank- vs -Ellsworth Paul-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1542
CACH LLC- vs -Freas Jeffrey-9/15/2010-OR-3355-710
Giarrantano Merri E- vs -Giarratano Michael-9/8/2010-OR-3352-1956
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Gilbert Sherry-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1279
Newell James R- vs -Glawe Randall S-9/8/2010-OR-3353-221
Cady Amanda- vs -Grolla Jeremy W-9/15/2010-OR-3355-749
Accredited Home Lenders Inc- vs -Grotkier Kayla L & -9/13/2010-OR-3354-636
Target National Bank- vs -Guenther Heather W-9/8/2010-OR-3353-402
Hammerling Kimberly S- vs -Hammerling Christopher Hans-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1318
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue- vs -Hams Ronald-9/8/2010-OR-3353-673
Wachovia Bank NA- vs -Hardwick James O-9/15/2010-OR-3355-228
Ford Motor Credit Company LLC- vs -Hartley Jordan K-9/8/2010-OR-3353-403
Harvey Megan Marie- vs -Harvey Christopher James-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1808
Prosperity Bank- vs -Hernandez Christopher-9/15/2010-OR-3355-447
Citimortgage Inc- vs -Herreros Marietta L-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1528
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue- vs -Hinson Kristopher-9/8/2010-OR-3353-661
Speare Nickalas J- vs -Hornyak Marta-9/7/2010-OR-3352-365
Irwin Janna Marie- vs -Irwin Scott Richard-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1316
Branch Banking & Trust Company- vs -Job Richard E-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1538
Capital One Bank USA NA- vs -Johnson Gina-9/8/2010-OR-3353-399
Silverio Michael- vs -Johnson Kimberly-9/7/2010-OR-3352-430
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Jurkovac Richard P-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1309
Wells Fargo Bank NA- vs -Kleynburg Vladamir-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1351
Citibank South Dakota NA- vs -Klipstine Tammy L-9/8/2010-OR-3353-414
Florida Capital Bank NA- vs -Lakeside Promenade LLC-9/15/2010-OR-3355-454
First Glynn Bank- vs -Lakeside Promenade LLC-9/15/2010-OR-3355-441
Lincoln Jennifer- vs -Lincolm Marc-9/7/2010-OR-3352-366
Lockwood Pamela M- vs -Lockwood Jack Randall Jr-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1906
Lord Julia E- vs -Lord Joseph F Jr-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1834
Bank Of America- vs -Lyons George T-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1491
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Macke Douglas W-9/15/2010-OR-3355-713
Shelton Aaron S- vs -Mansilla Claudia D-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1788
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Markert Bruce D-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1517
Masters Donna M- vs -Masters Troy A-9/15/2010-OR-3355-741
Suntrust Mortgage Inc- vs -Mcarthur Michael P-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1303
American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc- vs -Mccann Mary-9/8/2010-OR-3352-1434
Wells Fargo Bank NA- vs -Mccarthy John E-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1315
Citibank South Dakota NA- vs -Mcdonald Melissa A-9/8/2010-OR-3353-400
Wesley Scott- vs -Mceachern Neil Scott-9/13/2010-OR-3354-198
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Mcmanus Thomas E-9/15/2010-OR-3355-412
Meekins Andra- vs -Meekins Thomas Ray-9/7/2010-OR-3352-364
Decraene Adeline M- vs -Meersmans Jean Yves S-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1795
US Bank NA – vs -Miller Deborah D-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1357
Midland Funding LLC- vs -Mogus William R-9/8/2010-OR-3353-398
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Morrison Tom-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1327
Wells Fargo Bank NA- vs -Morrow Jude E-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1369
Maxwell Harry- vs -Mtichell Madalyn-9/7/2010-OR-3352-507
CACH LLC – vs -Mullane Harvey-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1195
Livingston Financial LLC- vs -Mundt Noah L-9/8/2010-OR-3352-1481
American Express Centurion Bank- vs -Murphy Randall-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1386
Georgette David M- vs -Mutolo Diane L-9/7/2010-OR-3352-444
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Myrick Living Trust By Tr-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1497
Joseph J Van Rooy Pl- vs -Natural Stone Stores Inc-9/15/2010-OR-3355-226
Crescent Beach Professional Office Owners Association Inc- vs -Neal Bradford-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1939
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -New Plantation Point Owners Association Inc-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1454
Nullet Timothy- vs -Nullet Kelly-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1425
Williams Odom M Eldoris- vs -Odom Vernon Lee-9/7/2010-OR-3352-452
Lutinski Edward James- vs -Ouimette Lutinski Nicole A-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1791
Putnam State Bank- vs -Pacetti Group Inc-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1546
Bank Of America NA- vs -Paduano Zuzana-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1298
Parks Jill K- vs -Parks Leonard Wayne-9/15/2010-OR-3355-745
Lsf6 Mercury Reo Investments Trust Series 2008-1- vs -Peare William R-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1533
Discover Bank- vs -Perry Jason M-9/14/2010-OR-3355-62
Sperling Christian Alexander- vs -Peterson Wendy Jae’lee-9/7/2010-OR-3352-432
Midland Funding LLC- vs -Philbrick Greg-9/8/2010-OR-3353-397
Electrolux Home Products Inc- vs -Quintessence Of Home Appliances Inc-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1572
Federal National Mortgage Association- vs -Rathi Kiran K-9/8/2010-OR-3353-240
Federal National Mortgage Association- vs -Rathi Kiran K-9/8/2010-OR-3353-235
Gerard Services Inc- vs -Rau Robert Richard-9/15/2010-OR-3355-424
State Farm Fire & Casualty Company – vs -Red Chilies Inc-9/15/2010-OR-3355-597
Bank Of America NA- vs -Requarth Jan H-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1289
HSBC Bank USA – vs -Robinson Adela Est Of-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1509
Campus USA Credit Union- vs -Rowe Louis Foster-9/15/2010-OR-3355-708
Barnett Recovery Corporation- vs -Saddock Joel D-9/8/2010-OR-3353-101
HSBC Bank USA NAtional Assocation – vs -Sanders Lawrence H-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1321
White Sandra- vs -Santos Justin M-9/13/2010-OR-3354-991
Chaffee James E- vs -Smith Richard D-9/8/2010-OR-3353-204
Snipe Deborah C- vs -Snipe John T-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1792
Sorell Cathy P- vs -Sorell Ernest J-9/7/2010-OR-3352-440
Mcmaster Sod LLC- vs -St Johns Nursery Inc-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1679
Midland Funding LLC – vs -Stephens Denise-9/8/2010-OR-3353-413
Schofield Mark Allen- vs -Suntrust Bank-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1715
Citimortgage Inc- vs -Swint Millard F Jr & As Per Rep-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1284
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Tager Ron-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1293
Tanner Hope Lynn- vs -Tanner Michael Edward-9/7/2010-OR-3352-388
CACH LLC- vs -Taylor John H-9/8/2010-OR-3353-131
Capital One Bank USA- vs -Taylor Marvin V-9/14/2010-OR-3355-169
Bank Of St Augustine- vs -Torres Daniel J-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1947
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue- vs -Touf Timothy-9/8/2010-OR-3353-664
State Of Florida Department Of Revenue- vs -Tout Timothy-9/8/2010-OR-3353-658
Cerri Clare B- vs -Townzen Michael E-9/15/2010-OR-3355-552
Vaeth Nicholas Michael- vs -Vaeth Stacie Touzet-9/7/2010-OR-3352-362
Atlantic Coast Bank- vs -Vintage Group Inc-9/14/2010-OR-3354-1955
Wells Fargo Bank NA- vs -Vorpe Henry-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1339
Wall Larry- vs -Wall Carol-9/13/2010-OR-3354-546
US Bank NA – vs -Washington James-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1263
Jpmorgan Chase Bank- vs -Watson John F-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1472
Citibank South Dakota NA- vs -Way Robert L-9/8/2010-OR-3353-396
Wells Fargo Bank- vs -Westberry Andrew A-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1478
US Bank NA – vs -Wilson Gloria L-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1484
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Wissing Katherine K-9/15/2010-OR-3355-714
Regions Bank- vs -Wolfson Jeffrey M-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1523
Anderson Jeffrey B- vs -Woodburn Henry P-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1175
Wrigley Dianne- vs -Wrigley Timothy W Sr-9/15/2010-OR-3355-743
Bank Of America NA- vs -Wyman Deborah M-9/10/2010-OR-3353-1345

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