Final Judgments through 9/23/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Green Tree Servicing LLC- vs -5890 J Capo Road Land Tr -9/21/2010-OR-3356-1421
Citifinancial Auto Corporation- vs -Al Burkat Mohammad M-9/17/2010-OR-3355-1968
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Ali Akbar-9/20/2010-OR-3356-948
Bank Of America NA- vs -Aquila Jennifer-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1908
Citifinancial Services Inc- vs -Asbury William C Sr-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1831
Bragg Troy- vs -Bailey Nicole-9/21/2010-OR-3357-171
Capital One Bank USA NA- vs -Begent Frank-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1794
Capital One Bank USA- vs -Begent Frank J-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1631
Capital One Bank USA NA- vs -Billisi Vincenza-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1532
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Birk John C III-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1884
Onewest Bank FSB- vs -Bonfanti Anthony-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1825
Boothe Mary Elizabeth- vs -Boothe RaLPh Joseph-9/17/2010-OR-3356-30
Bousson Donald- vs -Bousson Mary Elizabeth-9/22/2010-OR-3357-973
Bresee Michael Lloyd- vs -Bresee Lisa Marie-9/22/2010-OR-3357-874
Brothers Heather D- vs -Brothers Eric L-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1213
Builders Firstsource Florida LLC- vs -Brower Barrington Darby-9/23/2010-OR-3357-1071
Capital One Bank USA NA- vs -Bryner Kimberly E-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1531
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Budreau Patricia Jr-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1791
Citimortgage Inc- vs -Cassotta Maurice L Jr-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1879
Castroverde Eloy A- vs -Castroverde Carolyn J-9/23/2010-OR-3357-1221
CACH LLC- vs -Chatila Abdul R-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1787
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Chau Son-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1847
Sheriff Of St Johns County- vs -Chirino Andrew-9/20/2010-OR-3356-973
Wolfe Jeanette L- vs -City Of St Augustine-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1483
Lydia Cladek Inc – vs -Cladek Lydia I-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1147
Lydia Cladek Inc – vs -Cladek Lydia I-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1157
Us Bank NA – vs -Clark Jean L-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1889
Defouw Eva- vs -Classic Pavers & Design Inc-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1812
Haven Tr Bank Florida- vs -Coastal Condominiums At Vilano Beach LLC-9/23/2010-OR-3357-1229
Connor Cristina- vs -Connor Adam Jay-9/20/2010-OR-3356-893
County Of St Johns- vs -Covenant Homes Of St Augustine Inc-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1471
Bankatlantic- vs -Cw Twin Creeks LLC-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1492
Dance Peter David Jr- vs -Dance Maria Stella-9/22/2010-OR-3357-975
Florida Telco Credit Union- vs -Davis David Arthur-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1797
State Of Florida- vs -Davis Jonathan Selman-9/21/2010-OR-3357-220
Bank Of New York Mellon – vs -Deshazo Robert S-9/20/2010-OR-3356-936
Capital One Bank USA- vs -Duke Teresa A-9/21/2010-OR-3357-176
Wachovia Mortgage FSB- vs -Dulaney Gretchen E-9/22/2010-OR-3357-1008
Bank Of New York Mellon – vs -Dykes Robert P-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1813
Sarasota Ccm Inc As Assignee- vs -Easy Home Mortgages Inc-9/17/2010-OR-3355-1965
Capital One Bank USA NA- vs -Elmore Joyce-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1530
Pennock Company- vs -Flowers By Bill Incorporated-9/20/2010-OR-3356-1330
American Express Bank FSB- vs -Foraker W-9/21/2010-OR-3357-173
Patterson Barry L- vs -Foreman Kenneth E-9/20/2010-OR-3356-891
Aurora Loans Services LLC- vs -Foster Clifford T-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1853
Midland Funding LLC- vs -Frady Robin L-9/20/2010-OR-3356-866
Nationstar Mortgage LLC- vs -Franco Carlos-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1417
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Fritts Jimmy H-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1789
Glavin Beth P- vs -Glavin Thomas M-9/17/2010-OR-3356-26
Granath Andrew- vs -Granath Veronica-9/17/2010-OR-3356-24
Grayer Edward- vs -Grayer Sonja-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1203
Wells Fargo Bank Na – vs -Greso Paul T-9/17/2010-OR-3355-1953
Target National Bank- vs -Hall David A-9/20/2010-OR-3356-865
Saint Johns Six Mile Creek North POA Inc- vs -Hammer Steven-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1799
Sawgrass Association Inc- vs -Haynes Brian-9/17/2010-OR-3356-22
Heise Herman Michael- vs -Heise Sheryl Tant-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1546
Discover Bank- vs -Helmly Katharine M-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1536
American Express Centurion Bank- vs -Herbenick Jeff-9/22/2010-OR-3357-723
Holladay Anthony Jay- vs -Holladay Debra Sue-9/17/2010-OR-3356-28
Holmes Elizabeth Ann- vs -Holmes Michael James-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1733
Aurora Loan Services LLC- vs -Howe Kristine J-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1820
Us Bank NA – vs -Hudson Milton-9/20/2010-OR-3356-925
State Of Florida- vs -Jackson Anthony Michael-9/20/2010-OR-3356-887
Branch Banking & Trust Company- vs -Jalouk Fadi-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1700
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -James Penny J-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1784
American Express Centurion Bank- vs -Jeffords Cindy-9/23/2010-OR-3357-1457
Sharp Wanda F- vs -Johnnys Landscaping & Irrigation Inc-9/22/2010-OR-3357-541
Johnson Venus Marie- vs -Johnson Patrick Lewis-9/20/2010-OR-3356-1100
Jones Katherine G- vs -Jones Gordon P-9/17/2010-OR-3356-482
Kirkland Paige- vs -Kirkland Michael Dennis-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1440
JP Morgan Chase Bank- vs -Kolappa Sivaprakash-9/20/2010-OR-3356-953
Saint Johns Six Mile Creek North POA Inc- vs -Laterra Links Inc-9/17/2010-OR-3356-1
Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC- vs -Lee Evan-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1783
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Linkenauger Michael T-9/20/2010-OR-3356-964
Discover Bank- vs -Lorenti James-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1535
Prosperity Bank- vs -Manuncy Polly P-9/21/2010-OR-3357-267
Chase Home Finance LLC- vs -Margo George D-9/20/2010-OR-3356-917
Curri Oltion- vs -Martinez Amanda Lynn-9/20/2010-OR-3356-910
Vystar Credit Union- vs -Miller Maria-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1836
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company As Subrogee- vs -Mills Charles-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1707
Saint Johns Northwest Residential POA Inc- vs -Moyle Craig A-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1710
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Mulhall Antonella-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1782
National City Bank- vs -Nasehi Abdi-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1894
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc- vs -Nelson Michael-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1869
Nelson Brooks G- vs -Nelson Michelle L-9/17/2010-OR-3356-23
Ocean Grove Of Pone Vedra Condominium Association Inc- vs -Newton Cynthia S-9/22/2010-OR-3357-959
Ocean Grove Of Pone Vedra Condominium Association Inc- vs -Newton Cynthia S-9/22/2010-OR-3357-965
Bank Of New York – vs -Nichols Keisha Liggett-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1898
Deutsche Bank National Tr Company – vs -Noles Velma Sue-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1913
Asset Acceptance LLC- vs -Pabst Marshall L-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1788
Capital One Bank- vs -Paiva Dianne-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1515
Target National Bank- vs -Parent Donah M-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1533
Target National Bank- vs -Parent Donah M-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1534
Us Bank National Assocation – vs -Pastori Robert J-9/20/2010-OR-3356-969
Bank Of New York Mellon – vs -Phung Muoi V-9/20/2010-OR-3356-941
Citibank South Dakota Na- vs -Polet Theodore C-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1786
Conrad Porter Beverly- vs -Porter Dean L-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1436
Us Bank NA – vs -Pujol Alexander-9/20/2010-OR-3356-958
Putnam Isilma E- vs -Putnam Richard T Sr-9/17/2010-OR-3356-27
Ray Daniel P- vs -Ray Mary Ellen-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1438
Helena Chemical Company- vs -Retirement Corporation Of America Florida Inc-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1655
Rhodes Bradley K- vs -Rhodes Elizabeth Black-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1204
Us Bank NA – vs -Richards Lyn J-9/20/2010-OR-3356-930
Carolina First Bank- vs -River City Homes & Development Corporation-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1485
Roberts Michel Elizabeth- vs -Roberts William David-9/20/2010-OR-3356-1340
Household Finance Corporation Ii- vs -Rockefeller Patricia L-9/21/2010-OR-3357-174
Capital City Bank- vs -Rogers Steven F-9/22/2010-OR-3357-940
Rossi Angelina- vs -Rossi Todd-9/16/2010-OR-3355-1215
Chase Bank USA NA- vs -Samuels Pamela-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1785
Unifund Ccr Partners- vs -Schenk Anastasia M-9/21/2010-OR-3357-175
Estevez Gladys A- vs -Serrano Gregorio Meigar-9/17/2010-OR-3356-25
Bayview Loan Servicing LLC- vs -Silk Robert-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1874
Chase Home Finance LLC- vs -Slowinski Maciej-9/20/2010-OR-3356-921
Hsbc Mortgage Services Inc- vs -Smith Timothy R-9/22/2010-OR-3357-447
Bank Of America NA- vs -State Gheorghe-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1903
Chase Home Finance LLC- vs -Stout Anita-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1917
Tibbitts Tom A- vs -Sullivan Thomas-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1801
Tate Cheryl- vs -Tate John-9/22/2010-OR-3357-540
Clark Gregory A- vs -Thornton Anthony Lee-9/23/2010-OR-3357-1684
Discover Bank- vs -Timbrook Kenneth-9/17/2010-OR-3355-1958
Suntrust Mortgage Inc- vs -Tims Douglas C-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1842
Nationstar Mortgage LLC- vs -Tolerico Shane-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1859
Iberiabank- vs -Tuttle & Tuttle Inc-9/23/2010-OR-3357-1067
Venrooy Misty D- vs -Venrooy Brent P-9/20/2010-OR-3356-1343
Mercantile Bank- vs -Vintage Group Inc-9/22/2010-OR-3357-471
Mann Marvin S- vs -Walter Allison A-9/21/2010-OR-3357-249
Ford Motor Credit Company LLC- vs -Whitlock Sadie M-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1790
Rijo Group LLC- vs -Whitten Ricky D-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1792
Warwicker David- vs -Wiles Nicola Jane-9/17/2010-OR-3355-1961
American Express Centurion Bank- vs -Wissing Walter-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1599
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Wright Margaret M-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1412
Yancey Jeffrey Mitchell- vs -Yancey Kathryn Mary-9/17/2010-OR-3356-35
BAC Home Loans Servicing LP- vs -Zeigler Michael C-9/21/2010-OR-3356-1864

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