Guest may have stolen over $2,000 from home

The local St. Augustine news desk has learned that at about 3:15 Sunday morning, Police Officer Chris Miller responded to the 30th block of Hope Street to investigate the theft of over $2000 in personal property.

The victim told police that Saturday night; he met two men at a local bar and invited them over to his residence.

After a while, according to Miller’s report, the victim offered one of the guests a ride home.

Leaving one of the two men behind in his residence, the victim took his other guest home.

When the victim returned home, he discovered two laptop computers valued at $2000, a flat screen TV valued at $150, and his bicycle valued at $100, were missing — as was the man who had been left in the residence.

The victim did not know the full name of either of the two men.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that the investigation is ongoing.

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