High Tide Gallery hosts pug rescue event

Gallery owner Aimee K. Wiles informed local reporters with Historic City News that today is the second day of the Central Florida Pug Rescue adoption event, going on until 2:00 p.m. at High Tide Gallery on Cordova Street.

“We’re still doing adoptions here today,” Wiles said. “Volunteers are picking up surrendered pugs from a local puppy mill right now.”

According to Wiles, High Tide Gallery sponsored a successful fundraising party yesterday at Schmagel’s Bagels; around the corner on Hypolita Street.

Rascal, a 13-week old Pug Dachshund mix, is one of the lucky pups to get adopted Saturday. Wiles said that these adoption and fundraising events are “a good thing, because now we can get them into healthy homes.”

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