House says complete background checks first

Historic City News has received a statement from Florida Governor Charlie Crist in support of legislation that would tighten screening and criminal background checks for people who work with children, seniors and disabled people.

In his statement, Crist said, “I want to extend my appreciation to Representative Snyder and the entire House of Representatives for unanimously supporting this public safety bill that protects our most vulnerable Floridians.”

Today, the Florida House has moved to close a loophole that in the past allowed some people to work before their clearance was complete; or, in some cases, get employment approval for high-risk jobs without fingerprinting.

“Florida must continue making significant strides to ensure the safety of those individuals in our care by thoroughly screening the backgrounds of those who work with children, elders, persons with disabilities – and then verifying those screening results before employees are authorized to go to work,” Crist said.

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