Land Development Code controls campaign signs

In an update received by Historic City News today, St. Johns County Administrator Michael Wanchick reminded political candidates and their campaign supporters that the County Land Development Code regulates political campaign signs, including their placement, size, and removal.

Within residential zoning in St. Johns County, a political campaign sign shall not exceed six square feet — they are commonly manufactured to a compliant size of 2′ x 3′.

In other parts of the county, that are not zoned residential, a typical 4′ x 8′ campaign sign is the largest allowed — but, regardless of shape, in no case can they be larger than 32 square feet of display area.

Political campaign signs may be erected prior to the election to which the signs pertain but shall be removed within seven days after the election. The winning candidate in a Primary Election may continue to maintain applicable political campaign signs until seven days after the General Election.

If such signs are not removed within the specified period, the County may remove them and may charge the candidate the actual cost for such removal.

Additionally, the signs may ONLY be placed on private property with the consent of the property owner; signs placed within the public-right-of-way are prohibited and shall be removed without notice.

Finally, political campaign signs shall be constructed and placed in a manner that will not harm any person that approaches or touches them.

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