Letter: Forward with the Constitution Rally

Dear editor:

The Tea Party Network, composed of the eleven Tea Party groups operating in the Northeast Florida area, is sponsoring a rally on September 18th at Francis Field in St. Augustine.

The featured speakers that day will be Marco Rubio, Republican Candidate for the Senate, Rick Scott, Republican Candidate for Governor and Pam Bondi, Republican Candidate for Attorney General of Florida.

The rally is schedule for 11:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. at the Francis Field event area located at 29 Castillo Drive in St. Augustine.

The rally will kick off the campaign march towards November 2nd. The Tea Party Network is committed to the election of politicians grounded in the principles of smaller limited government, personal liberty and fiscal discipline.

The Tea Party Network is composed of the following local Tea Party Groups:

American Tea Party
Baker County Tea Party
Peoples Tea Party
St. Augustine Tea Party
Nassau Patriots
Putnam County Tea Party
Flagler Tea Party
Keystone Tea Party
Marion County Tea Party

These organizations have joined to cooperate on events and voter education efforts.

Contact: The St. Augustine Tea Party 904-417-8832

Randy Covington
St. Johns, Florida

Randy Covington is the leader of Conservative Research Network. Covington focuses on commentary and articles on local, state and federal government issues revolving around government waste, policy and function. The organization is comprised of conservatives focused on returning conservative principles to the Republican Party, accountability to government and power reserved under the Constitution of the United States to the people.

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