Letter: Stop the divisive tactics

Dear Editor:

It is true; we can no longer afford “business as usual” in our government, in politics, in our lives — but that idea needs to be applied in more ways than just our finances, especially in the St. Augustine Beach community.

I am tired of the divisive tactics that politicians use to carve out camps and factions when elected officials are meant to serve the entire community.

As you have likely observed I have stayed true in this campaign, as in the last, to sticking to the issues and running a clean campaign. We must work together in the end after all.

It seems the higher up the ladder in American politics, the worse the infighting and finger pointing. We American voters truly are smarter than such cheap marketing tactics. Furthermore, it is dysfunctional and does not help to build a healthy community.

I have been committed to running my campaign in a way that will reflect on the way that I will serve in office: amicably and respectfully sticking to the issues and principles.

Your time is too valuable to be wasted on rumor, lies and innuendo that insult your intelligence. Let’s move beyond the finger pointing and get to work, together!

There are only a few days left until early voting. If you also believe in a healthy approach to good government, go out and tell one of your neighbors about my campaign.

I believe we can make a difference!

Undine Pawlowski
St. Augustine Beach, FL

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