Letter: We the people are here to stay

Dear editor:

I want to expend my thanks to everyone who came out and walked or rode the Dartmouth in today’s St. Augustine Christmas parade.

I have to tell you from what others said to me and what I experienced personally it was one of the most exciting things we have ever done. It really was an incredible experience. We had great participation (about 30 SATPers) and the float looked great decked out in its Christmas glory.

We got hundreds of thumbs up, thank yous, huge smiles and rounds of applause as we wound through the streets. It really was a great morning.

If you were there, please send me your pictures and I will ask Randy to get them up on the website.

We looked awesome today and special thanks needs to go out to Judy Mabry, Angela Rolly, the Henderson’s, the Heimboldt’s, the Doane’s, Glenn Lord and his wife, John Casey, Sue Godby, Lance Thate, and Rita Arpaia for showing up early and helping get the Dartmouth decorated.

I am sorry if I missed anyone. If I did, you know that I thank you very much!

We need to do this again and we will on Saturday December 11th in Hastings. Full Details to follow this week but for now plan on being at the Walter E. Harris Community Center by 9am Saturday the 11th.

We will need some of you to come around 7:30 to help decorate the Dartmouth. Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss this.

This was truly a moving event. We could feel the love from the crowd and it felt great to wish so many people “Merry Christmas”. It is hard to explain how excited everyone was at the end.

We clearly sent a message today that we are here to stay and that “We the People” are a part of the community!

I look forward to seeing you in Hastings.

Eric West
St. Augustine TEA Party

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