Local Congressman has plan to reduce overseas threat

Congressman John L. Mica, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Republican leader, told Historic City News, “Once again we have a stark reminder that, whether a shoe bomb, liquid bomb, underwear bomb, or package bombs, all originating from foreign locations, terrorists are still trying to penetrate our security systems.”

Yesterday, two package bombs were intercepted on their way to the United States, demonstrating that international terrorist plots are still a huge vulnerability.

“Our security measures are still reactionary, rather than the proactive steps I have called for in the past,” Mica explained. “Rather than dedicating personnel and resources to pat down little old ladies and citizens who pose no threat, we should be directing our resources to where the real threat exists: foreign departure sites.”

Mica told Historic City News local reporters that the solution is to dramatically increase our security presence at international departure sites and establish better security protocols for foreign locations.

“It is not necessary to spend more money to address the threats. The Transportation Security Administration is top heavy, with roughly 3,500 administrative employees in the Washington, D.C. area,” Mica said. “With proper realignment of personnel and resources, the TSA could adjust its priorities to better protect us from the multiple threats seen from abroad.”

This is not the first criticism Mica has directed toward the management and effectiveness of the Transportation Security Administration. The Congressman told Historic City News, “After the Christmas Day Bomber, we learned that the TSA has very few security personnel overseas — and I called for a realignment of personnel at that time. I am again calling for the TSA to align its resources to meet security threats.”

Mica feels that Transportation Security Administration management needs to implement the necessary international agreements and protocols to establish secure departure points abroad.

“If we fail to reach these agreements, I will be prepared to take measures to limit access to the United States for any and all air carriers from countries that are unwilling to comply.”

Photo credits: © 2010 Historic City News staff photographer

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