Marriage Licenses Applications – 10/10/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Alford Ira Frank- to -Lendon Kristine Margaret-10/6/2010
Booker Daniel Tillman- to -Selph Cheryl Aileen Eudaly-10/7/2010
Burgman Keith Thomas- to -Nicas Michaela Marie-10/7/2010
Cain David Lynn- to -White Liza Garcia Dominguez-10/7/2010
Chaconas Eric James- to -Ortiz Cindy-10/7/2010
Chen Yufeng- to -Lu Yu Feng-10/5/2010
Cordeiro Nuno Filipe- to -Davis Victoria Ilana-10/7/2010
Davis Harry Daniel- to -Davis Lucy Euphemia Green-10/4/2010
Ewin Zachary Wayne- to -Ortiz Deborah Anne Brewster-10/7/2010
Farrell Courtney Dub- to -Camp Mary Helen Polinak-10/7/2010
Fountain Shaun Michael- to -Huber Ashleigh Erin-10/6/2010
Goldman Scott Greg- to -Seesuk Maliwan-10/5/2010
Johnson Jeffrey Austin- to -Stout Lauren Denae-10/4/2010
Kennedy David Joseph- to -Mitchell Mary Ellen Kannengieser-10/7/2010
Kennedy Thomas Ian- to -Vaughan Morgan Nicole-10/6/2010
Lawson Michael Dale- to -Kaplan Jennifer Carolyn Jaques-10/6/2010
Locklear Gary- to -Birchall Tara Lynn Brisson-10/6/2010
Marques Mark Anthony- to -Sweat Kristen Annette-10/5/2010
Mcgee Justin Dwight- to -Lentz Kathaleen Paige-10/7/2010
Mooney Robert Rory- to -Rutherford Kayla Christine-10/7/2010
Robshaw Kenneth Lee- to -Huston Anita Kay Siprell-10/7/2010
Tijerina Mike H- to -Breadon Shelli Ann-10/7/2010
Toy Perry Montgomery- to -O’neill Elizabeth Turnbull Bateman-10/7/2010
Wallace John Jacob- to -Ortiz Rebecca-10/6/2010
Ward Joshua Caleb- to -New Eileen Renae-10/6/2010
Wolan Stephen Michael- to -Lawlor Rachel Marie-10/7/2010
Womack Patrick James- to -Beller Farrah Raquel-10/6/2010
Wood Bryan Marshall- to -Milillo Jacquelyn Michelle-10/6/2010

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