Marriage Licenses Applications – 10/31/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Alex Christy Peter- to -Thompson Gina Marlene Martin-10/29/2010
Ashton Christopher Michael- to -Hall Sonya Renee Guess-10/28/2010
Burrell Jason Kevin- to -McGuire Alana Nicole McGee-10/28/2010
Cameron Kevin Joseph- to -McDaniel Sherri Ann-10/28/2010
Case Michael Thomas Ii- to -Farris Jennifer Lynn-10/28/2010
Cusson Benjamin Peter- to -Cella Phaedra Maria-10/25/2010
George Brandon Alexander- to -Menefee Alisa Michelle-10/25/2010
Janus Jeffrey Richard- to -Williams Lindsy Nicole-10/28/2010
Jones Mark Andrew- to -Smith Leah Kirstin-10/28/2010
Kiser Shelly Ray- to -Sharkey Erin Paine-10/27/2010
Kollar Kevin James- to -Baron Tia Louise-10/25/2010
Kromer Eric Sean- to -Moczarski Vanessa Marie Vernier-10/28/2010
Lalonde Richard Joseph Jr- to -De Newman Gipsy Johanna Romero-10/29/2010
Landrum Amos Tyler- to -Robinson Christina Ashley-10/25/2010
Lilley Jeremiah Thomas- to -Helmer Paige Nicole-10/28/2010
Lucchese Salvatore John- to -Scaplen Sharon Gail Tatz-10/25/2010
Manvalan Raghu- to -Hansen Jennifer Nicole-10/29/2010
Mihlebach Wayne- to -McGuire Maia Patterson-10/25/2010
Moore Steven Robert- to -Doyle Shannon Maureen-10/25/2010
Morgan John Pierce- to -Kehoe Sherry Jean Crosby-10/25/2010
Murillo Jose Luis Medina- to -Ruppenthal Vivian Elaine-10/28/2010
Ortiz Andres- to -Arevalo Patricia Getrudiz-10/29/2010
Ozment Joel Edward- to -Bauder Rochelle Ann-10/25/2010
Potts Campbell Robert- to -Harris Carol Anne Smith-10/25/2010
Ramirez Gerardo- to -Estevez Gladys Altagracia-10/28/2010
Rapoza Brandon Scott- to -Torrez Gabrielle Nicole-10/25/2010
Rodriguez Oscar Alejandro- to -Briceno Clara Patricia-10/26/2010
Schaper Adam Edward- to -Fedor Jennifer Nicole-10/29/2010
Simpson Garfield Nigel- to -Gardner Cherie Charnise Goff-10/26/2010
Spitler Jeffrey Lynn- to -Baker Michelle Lee Jacobsen-10/28/2010
Spradling Joshua William- to -Aller Charlie Nita-10/29/2010
Trotter Anthony Allan III- to -Hayes Irina Victoria-10/25/2010
Wess Thomas Raymond Jr- to -Mosora Diann Michelle Branch-10/25/2010
Williams John Thomas- to -Hughes Carrie Nickol-10/25/2010
Withrow Jason Leonard- to -Gilmer Lisa Carmen Dempsey-10/25/2010
Zapata Daniel Anderson- to -Dodge Lara Patricia-10/28/2010

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