Marriage Licenses Applications – 11/14/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Agge Heikki Juhani- to -Gershenson Barbara Sue Rosen-11/8/2010
Alexander Terry Junior- to -Mink Allison Nicole-11/12/2010
Andino Heriberto- to -Bassett Hannah Catherine-11/12/2010
Ardizzoni Aaron Mitchell- to -Sykes Susan Michelle Donovan-11/12/2010
Bateman John Robert- to -Stacy Barbara Ann-11/9/2010
Blalock Keith Brian- to -Mcquien Bettina Lois Abernathy-11/10/2010
Cosmas Shawn Daniel- to -Ayala Luz Marina-11/9/2010
Dale John Ray- to -Dale Kristine Stewart Williamson-11/12/2010
Dimick Dominick Joseph- to -Surratt Lakeshia Nicole-11/8/2010
Elliott Keith- to -Palmer Dorna-11/9/2010
Griffin William Tarpy- to -Sturney Mary Elizabeth-11/12/2010
Harris Richard Wayne Jr- to -Kuhi Ilima Nani-11/8/2010
Hartley Corey Charles- to -Copenhaver Ashley Jordan-11/12/2010
Hastings Michael James- to -Austin Charlie Mcgregor-11/12/2010
Hubbard Matthew Brady- to -Schulten Jennifer Lauren-11/10/2010
Hurd James Robert Jr- to -Hurd Sherrie Jean Evans-11/10/2010
Kekevian Paul John Jr- to -Swain Michelle Lee-11/9/2010
Kelly Michael Holliday- to -Decesare Katherine Anne-11/12/2010
Kimberly Richard Edward Jr- to -Fletcher Daphne Ann-11/9/2010
Lashbrook Jacob Leo- to -Braden Kathleen Nicole Ford-11/12/2010
Matuszczak Paul Angelo- to -Cameron Olivia Marie-11/9/2010
Mertz Kory Douglas- to -Tavares Diana Phelps-11/12/2010
Morgan Todd Lincoln- to -Demato Kristina Marie Trosterud-11/9/2010
Muse Derrell Scott- to -Hart Teresa Ann-11/12/2010
Orr Matthew Paul- to -Baugh Amy Sasha-11/10/2010
Owens Robert Francis- to -Coffey Nicole Kathryn-11/10/2010
Rucker Kenneth D’wayne- to -Sandoval Kizzy Ann-11/12/2010
Sakraska Troy Lynn- to -Budrick Kimberly Christine-11/8/2010
Sharp Anthony Wayne Jr- to -Morrison Brittany Renae-11/8/2010
Shirley Josiah Micah- to -Ulloa Sonia Maria-11/9/2010
Smith Marlon Ray- to -Buteux Suzanne Virga-11/9/2010
White Adam Kenneth- to -Britt Samantha Ann Drawdy-11/12/2010
Williams Brandon Jacobs- to -Putzke Nicole Carol-11/9/2010

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