Marriage Licenses Applications – 12/5/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Ahmadi Anis Ahmad – to -Mujtaba Nielah Aryana Majeed -12/1/2010
Baltz Michael Anthony – to -Mong Amanda Marie -12/1/2010
Brodersen Luke Allen – to -Brewer Danielle Morgan -12/1/2010
Burnham Andrew Joseph – to -Bailey Lisa Marie -11/29/2010
Colvin Gerald Eugene – to -Siegel Alison -12/1/2010
Conner Matthew Lance – to -Mcginn Lacey June -11/30/2010
Cox Roy Daniel – to -Fugate Cathy Lynn Rose -11/30/2010
Dean Kevin Allen – to -Linder Julia Laurel -12/1/2010
Demello Charles Dominic – to -Nolan Mary Louise -12/1/2010
Duffy Donald Nolan – to -Bethel Cynthia Ann Sanford -11/30/2010
Edwards John E – to -Rentfrow Cheryl Ann Means -12/3/2010
Gonzalez Christopher Michael – to -Fennell Lauren Allison -12/1/2010
Gouin Kevin Raymond – to -Thomas Teresa Ann -12/1/2010
Graves Robin David – to -Mylenski Danielle Christen -12/1/2010
Groleau Bryan Brooks – to -St Clair Carrie Allison -12/1/2010
Hall Charles Alan – to -Mclevy Sarah Helene Merwin -11/30/2010
Hammerstein Gene Thomas Jr – to -Tanner Cynthia Kathryn -12/1/2010
Jones John William – to -Jones Linda Marie Rottmann -11/29/2010
Kennedy Christopher Patterson – to -Higgins Erica Lee -12/1/2010
Kessel Kristopher Michael – to -Bedell Jennifer Augusta -12/3/2010
Lake Curtis Iv – to -Sweet Ebony Champagne -11/30/2010
Lightner Kent Jay – to -Swenson Deidre Deanne -11/30/2010
Madrid Joey Jr – to -Nemeth Beata -12/2/2010
Mc Murray Brian Keith – to -Robinson Tiffany Ann -11/29/2010
Mcbroom Lehman Phillip – to -Ashley Angela Joyce -12/1/2010
Mroczkowski Gregory Brooks – to -Rimer Kayla Jean -12/1/2010
Neville Todd David – to -Sutherland Heather Lane -12/1/2010
Osachy David – to -Kew Rosemarie -12/3/2010
Rewis Keith Michael – to -Sewell Jacqueline Danielle -12/1/2010
Richardson Michael Eugene – to -Monell Yvette -12/1/2010
Schreiber Stefan – to -Dubray Kim Juline -11/29/2010
Sekeres Scott William – to -Dorsey Mary Margaret -11/30/2010
Semmens Aaron James – to -Carder Jennie Louise Mosley -12/1/2010
Smith Roy Anthony – to -Fountain Campbell Lois Rosaline -11/30/2010
Solitario Michael Joseph – to -Allen Ashley Nicole -12/1/2010
Stevicks Charlie – to -Jefferds Elizabeth -12/3/2010
Sullivan Edward James – to -Wilhelm Tressie Adelyn Prevatt -11/29/2010
Wadley Gary Wayne – to -Thomas Kimberly Yvonne -12/2/2010
Yoeman Richard Allen Jr – to -Cates Loux Mary Elizabeth -12/1/2010

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