Marriage Licenses Applications – 4/04/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Adams William Bond – to -Mccune Kara Andrea -3/29/2010
Anthony Randall Mark – to -Bojilova Ianka Iordanova -4/1/2010
Barrage Jeffrey Lawrence – to -Welsh Kristen Elizabeth -3/30/2010
Bates Michael Rolland – to -Free Vicki Lynnette Beard -3/29/2010
Bianchi Michael James – to -Jackson Lisa Michelle Baisch -3/30/2010
Blair William Patrick – to -Powers Diane Marie -3/30/2010
Blaylock Eldon Reed – to -Kaelin Laura Elaine -4/1/2010
Bringle Jeffery Thomas – to -Chambers Angela Kay Jackson -3/31/2010
Brown Lucas Marshall Joshua – to -Dukes Elizabeth Leona -3/30/2010
Crawford Joseph Samuel – to -Levine Nicole Jean -3/29/2010
Deroco Ronald James – to -Lanzillotta Wendy Leigh -4/1/2010
Dorazio Anthony Leonard – to -Byrne Judy Lynn Nocita -3/29/2010
Douglas Steven Ransom – to -Johnson Misti Dawn -3/30/2010
Edsall Robert Francis – to -Sadow Patricia Hope -3/29/2010
Fowler David Glen – to -Farquhar Rebecca Lynn -3/30/2010
Fravel Daniel Clyde – to -Stock Jacqueline Mary -3/30/2010
Goldberg Brandon Scott – to -Cori Suzanne Elizabeth -3/30/2010
Harding Sylvester Ayeshemi – to -Black Deslind Alverine -4/1/2010
Hatton Robert William Iii – to -Waldron Risa Byrd -4/1/2010
Helm Eric Cooper – to -Bowden Melissa Helen -4/1/2010
Howell Cy Phillip – to -Worley Rosemary Darlene -4/1/2010
Indinemao Robert Francis – to -Scimone Rose Marie -3/30/2010
Jacob Justin Mallau – to -Jennings Julie Walker -3/29/2010
Jordan Brendon Allen – to -Thompson Mary Jane Jeanette -3/29/2010
Kook John Aaron – to -Hale Cassandra Cherie -3/31/2010
Leonard Thomas Michael – to -Ruffino Devin Elizabeth Duncan -3/30/2010
Miller Bryan William – to -Cook Karin Sue -3/30/2010
Miller Gary Lee – to -Groseclose Bobbie Sue -3/29/2010
Murphy Christopher James – to -King Julia Mae -3/30/2010
Permenter Jerry Kent – to -Venosh Brita Lynn -3/29/2010
Pilny Scott Allen – to -Brandt Linda Marie -3/30/2010
Powers Mcleod Scott – to -Salerno Carly Witten -3/31/2010
Reed Jonathan Scott – to -Burns Amber Elizabeth -3/29/2010
Reist Robert Peter – to -Clark Mary Katherine Melville -3/30/2010
Schiavi John Michael – to -Karstens Mary Maureen -4/1/2010
Stuart John Iii – to -Poulos Maria Ana Angeles -3/29/2010
Woods Robert Iii – to -Reid Kathryn -4/1/2010

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