Marriage Licenses Applications – 4/11/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Alligood Jr John – to -Botsford Lisa -4/9/2010
Babb Franklin Timothy – to -Chairmont Alicia Lee Hopkins -4/5/2010
Bramlett Lewis Jerry – to -Bramlett Andrea Leigh -4/7/2010
Burchfield Robert Emmett – to -Martin Deedria Lynn Martin -4/8/2010
Crusen Matthew – to -Vannaken Amy -4/8/2010
Currington Jedediah Allen – to -Robinson Kathryn Therese -4/5/2010
Espeseth Philip Douglas – to -Smith Julia Brown -4/5/2010
Ferrari Michael Robert Jr – to -Usina Jennifer Nicole -4/7/2010
Gabay Elad – to -Dahlke Talia Rochelle -4/5/2010
Griffis Christopher Ryan – to -Kelleher Amanda Lee -4/6/2010
Hackelton David Lance – to -Farris Mistie Jean -4/5/2010
Huggett Jared Jacob – to -Featheringill Dana Ann -4/7/2010
Leaman John Craig – to -Monahan Corie Elizabeth -4/7/2010
Lehmann Timothy John – to -Klemt Margaret Mary -4/7/2010
Mccune James Patrick – to -Shugars Kassandra Dianne -4/5/2010
Oliver James Carroll Jr – to -Oliver Nancy Lynn Green -4/5/2010
Pierce Tracy Stephen – to -Chavez Charlotte Burnell Reed -4/5/2010
Ryan James Daniel – to -Moon Mackenzie Mae -4/8/2010
Schmachtenberger Timothy Lieby Jr – to -Lipscy Michelle Lea -4/5/2010
Techentien Gary Carl – to -Hinkley Diana Alexandra De Matteo -4/7/2010
Varela Jose Ivan – to -Carlos Ilse -4/7/2010
Villanueva Christopher Shawn – to -Stratton Jenna Marie -4/5/2010
Villaverde Albino – to -Desvousges Laura Dawn -4/9/2010
Watson Mark Wayne – to -Mccall Kimberly Lavern -4/7/2010
Watson Michael – to -Rourke Andrea -4/8/2010
Wiecezak Robert Michael – to -Maley Jessica Lee -4/5/2010
Wilkerson David Troy – to -Gabbard Amy De Anne -4/9/2010
Williams Jes Us James – to -Fuller Kristen Sue -4/7/2010
Wright Steven David – to -Selem Kristina Alexandra -4/6/2010

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