Marriage Licenses Applications – 5/2/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Abrams Scott Gregory – to -Weaver Della Marie -4/29/2010
Arena Vito – to -Todaro Beverly Anne -4/28/2010
Bailey Lee Arnold – to -Rohn Jennifer Leanne -4/26/2010
Barro Dale Charles – to -Keene Britton Woodward -4/28/2010
Bond Justin Paul – to -Bass Amber Nicole -4/26/2010
Bucher Dirk Martin – to -Bryan Ayanna Saran -4/30/2010
Emmel Aaron Thomas – to -Smith Allison Lauren -4/28/2010
Galer Michael Mendel – to -Hattaway Terry Lynn Seigler -4/26/2010
Gassett David Robert – to -Hardin Angela Miranda -4/26/2010
Goughnour Dennis Wayne – to -Grant Kathryn Elaine -4/30/2010
Hagan Anthony James – to -Oliver Chrissy Lee Froitzheim -4/28/2010
Hearst Ronald Anthony Ii – to -Smith Gay Lynn Walker -4/28/2010
Hennessy Robert Nelson – to -Taylor Allison Elizabeth -4/26/2010
Jones Donald Allen – to -Raleigh Amber Michelle -4/29/2010
Lichtenvoort Donald Eric – to -Julian Edna Namias Bangay -4/26/2010
Mangefrida James Matthew – to -Creter Stacey Frances -4/28/2010
Markham David Paul Jr – to -Robbearts Sarah Marie -4/26/2010
Mata Ayala Luis Alberto – to -Onate Erica -4/29/2010
Matteson Charles E – to -Lyons Arlene Backes -4/26/2010
Mcdaniel Kevin Andrew – to -Decker Ann Carol -4/27/2010
Mcginnis Kevin Michael – to -Rosenberg Terran Elizabeth -4/27/2010
Mclendon Robert Henon – to -Taylor Elexa Nicholle -4/28/2010
Miller Adam Edward – to -Bell Shanna Lynn Scott -4/30/2010
Miller Alexander James – to -Hill Wendy Michelle -4/26/2010
Mitchell Robert Bruce – to -Kidd Pamela Kay -4/26/2010
Parks Jason Carl – to -Carr Jillian Chelsea -4/28/2010
Reiter Matthew Franklin – to -Morse Brittani Anne -4/26/2010
Rubino Carl Joseph Jr – to -Weber Sabine -4/29/2010
Shinbaum Evan Marc – to -Shellhammer Samantha Kay -4/28/2010
Valenty Thomas Peter – to -Bradshaw Carol Marie Knights -4/26/2010
Woodward Jeffrey Ernest – to -Sexton Jennipher Elizabeth Edwards -4/26/2010
Wright James William – to -Oakley Marlana Marie -4/26/2010

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