Marriage Licenses Applications – 6/20/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Agner Brandon Loyd – to -Doyle Heather Lynn -6/17/2010
Allen Anthony Tyrone Jr – to -Moore Emily Suzanne -6/14/2010
Beharry Keshan Kerron – to -Agashi Nisha Kirti -6/15/2010
Bozard Fred Henry IV – to -Hart Stephanie Rena -6/16/2010
Brooks Aaron Michael – to -Brooks Stephanie Maryann Brown -6/15/2010
Davis Timothy Dale – to -Peeler Charity Lynette -6/15/2010
Day Willard Allan – to -Greene Alysia Nicole -6/18/2010
Diaz Nelson – to -Gallant Olga -6/17/2010
Disher Jerry Wayne Jr – to -Haynes Deborah Elizabeth -6/14/2010
Dulek Todd Lee – to -Hill Kimberly Delle Mohr -6/15/2010
Eyman Jevin Michael – to -Borda Rache Cristin -6/17/2010
Gonzalez George Carlos – to -Eubanks Lisa Marie Stevens -6/16/2010
Gowan Robert Michael – to -Reece Sheila Darlene Taylor -6/15/2010
Hearl Samuel Nelson – to -Patty Lori Elizabeth -6/18/2010
Hinchey Paul Matthew – to -Kramer Karen Elaine Rutter -6/15/2010
Holton Donald Edward Ii – to -Otto Stephina Debruyn -6/18/2010
Lee Lawrence Michael – to -Gross Jennifer Kay -6/16/2010
Maietta Michael Carman – to -Talbot Rosemarie Jeanne Roberge -6/15/2010
Mccorkle Roy Everett – to -Vares Deborah Ann Tracey -6/16/2010
Mcdaniel Stephen Allen Jr – to -Greggs Kyra Jane Murray -6/17/2010
Mcknight Todd Stephen – to -Groves Henley Elizabeth -6/16/2010
Metcalf Mark Wise – to -Mcdonald Miriam Joan -6/16/2010
Meyer Casey William – to -Amer Katie Loraine -6/14/2010
Milum David Walter – to -Leach Lisa Louise -6/16/2010
Minton Larry Joe Jr – to -Tipton Karen Virginia Weller -6/18/2010
Morrissette Andrew David – to -Agosto Leishla Marie Martinez -6/16/2010
Perkins Ralph John – to -Adams Veronica Grace -6/16/2010
Roden William Christopher – to -White Katherine Michelle -6/16/2010
Roque Lloyd Jude – to -Gulliver Priscilla Lee -6/16/2010
Standridge Bradley Kyle – to -Turner Toni Alma Rountree -6/17/2010
Stephens Kevin Lamar – to -Wiggins Lamonica Shantel -6/18/2010
Taylor Edward Tobyas – to -Oppelt Melissa Ann -6/17/2010
Tolitsky David Joseph – to -Rogers Melinda Sue Herald -6/16/2010
Tubbs Ronnie Van – to -Dutton Connie Sue -6/16/2010
Vargas Josue Oscar – to -Renuart Jennifer Lynn -6/15/2010
Vessels James – to -Vessels Jessica -6/18/2010
Warne Jeffrey Michael – to -Geering Jessalyn Kay -6/16/2010
Wimbish Ervin Lassie Jr – to -Misenheimer Donna Joyce -6/17/2010
Wise Frederick Glenn – to -Hayward Rebecca Kylie -6/16/2010

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