Marriage Licenses Applications – 7/11/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Balkcum Christopher – to -King Tammy -7/8/2010
Beamer William Andrew – to -Hinkle Preston Amanda -7/8/2010
Blajian Gregory – to -Giulea Marilena -7/9/2010
Boynton Elwin Craig Jr – to -Gibbs Kristen Lynne George -7/7/2010
Cardenas Efren Bautista Jr – to -Hackenberg Kathryn Ann -7/8/2010
Chance Michael Richard – to -Thomas Katrina Lynn Cooper -7/9/2010
Church Christopher Joseph – to -Fogarty Erin Kathleen -7/9/2010
Cote Craig Francis – to -Rhoden Tammy Lee Gibbs -7/9/2010
Crase Charles Christopher – to -Garrity Kristine Theresa -7/8/2010
Desander Mark – to -Benesova Ivana -7/8/2010
Foreman Gilbert David – to -Randall Rosemary Marlene -7/8/2010
Gibson Robert Douglas – to -Dorsey Alicia Marie Fountain -7/7/2010
Greising Gary Robert – to -Moules Hope Marie -7/9/2010
Hatalsky Daniel Kenneth – to -Seibert Lauren Alana -7/7/2010
Hayes Joseph Derrick Jr – to -Garrett Valerie Ann -7/7/2010
Honeycutt Daniel Louis – to -Pacheco Hilary Gail -7/7/2010
Jacobs Matthew Kyle – to -Pezzanite Kay Ellen -7/9/2010
Long Robert Allison – to -Pallozzi Jennifer Shea -7/6/2010
Marrinan Michael Hugh – to -Haila Suzanne Mccauley -7/9/2010
Martin Christopher – to -James Chelsea -7/9/2010
Mcleod Brian Antonio Jr – to -Adams Stacy Ann -7/6/2010
Miller Joshua Allen – to -Austin Shannon Tia -7/6/2010
Miller Kraig Lee – to -Mineart Sara Jean -7/9/2010
Millin Hugh John Jr – to -Quinones Castro Keithia Camille -7/7/2010
Reed Christopher J – to -Garate Milissa Ann Puckett -7/7/2010
Roberts James Wendall – to -Worrell Terri Leigh -7/9/2010
Ross Travis – to -Ross Leonor -7/7/2010
Sanborn David Alan – to -Frink Donna Jean -7/7/2010
Sonier Paul Leonard – to -Den Boer Erika Marie -7/9/2010
Stevens Eric Eugene – to -Clifford Barbara Renee -7/7/2010
Stewart James Edward – to -Parker Jennifer Diana -7/8/2010
Stone James Taft – to -Langston Rebecca Lynn -7/7/2010
Sykes Frederick Dwain – to -Menshouse Lynne Robin Santa Cruz -7/9/2010
Thomas Edwin Hewes Jr – to -Bitting Doris Jean Webb -7/9/2010
Whiddon Ryan Christian – to -Rivero Vanessa -7/8/2010
Windom Winston Craig – to -White Amber Nichole -7/9/2010
Zalman William Jay – to -Parsons Kerri Michelle Eflein -7/8/2010

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