Marriage Licenses Applications – 8/15/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Cirlot Joseph Mithcell – to -Parker Jenifer Lashea Lowe -8/9/2010
Crafton Joshua Ryan – to -Townsend Amanda Louise -8/10/2010
Davidson Marc Christopher – to -Rain Stacey Michelle -8/12/2010
Dudley Jonathan Israel – to -Helmick Erin Leigh -8/11/2010
Eby Andrew Scott – to -Ball Sarah Gail -8/12/2010
Fernandes London Tomasello – to -Davis Lakara Lorraine -8/10/2010
Gilland Shaun Michael – to -Pollett April May -8/11/2010
Gordon Brandon Edward – to -Robinson Nelsie Antoinette Diana Rosalinda -8/12/2010
Graham Glenn Lemont – to -Mcnair Startisha Nicole -8/11/2010
Gray Kevin Buchanan Jr – to -Copeland Chole Denise -8/12/2010
Hartley Ross Edward Ii – to -Siebert Christine Michelle -8/10/2010
Hatfield Charles Todd – to -Fosmoe Charmaine Elaine -8/10/2010
Hebert Gregory Allen – to -Williams Quinetta Elaine -8/10/2010
Hicks John Ray – to -Hodshalk Karen Leigh Risbeck -8/13/2010
Hiek Virak – to -Lay Liseyla -8/10/2010
Kohlenberger Brandon Ivey – to -Roberts Stephanie Marie -8/9/2010
Lonon Michael Jonathan – to -Bearden Amanda Kathleen -8/10/2010
Opp Stephen Gerard – to -Opp Melody Wendy Geiger -8/9/2010
Payne Michael Anthony – to -Botta Jessica Dawn -8/11/2010
Pickett Ryan Allen – to -Meeker Theresa Ann Lenora -8/10/2010
Riesenmy Debyl Robert Paul – to -Gerardi Patricia Maura -8/12/2010
Rubio Kyle Bertrand – to -Rondeau Heather Lynn -8/9/2010
Russell Christopher James – to -Juneau Lindsey Nicole -8/13/2010
Savage Joseph Michael – to -Dale Elaine Marie -8/13/2010
Segreto Michael Anthony – to -Baugh Brittany Michelle -8/10/2010
Shackleford Robert Donald – to -Rawson Salee Angelina Siddall -8/12/2010
Simmons Gregory Nolan – to -Sinclair Leslie Victoria -8/9/2010
Singer Richard Ira – to -Braddock Sara Lynn Spencer -8/13/2010
Struble Donald Kevin – to -Varney Jill Laree Brian -8/10/2010
Thiele Jason Allen – to -Coppersmith Kimberly Nicole -8/13/2010
Toth Ronald – to -Gustofson Kimberley -8/13/2010
Tucker Jeffrey Stephen – to -Page Laraine Antionette Mario -8/9/2010
Varga Albert Jr – to -Grisales Angela Marie -8/12/2010

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