Marriage Licenses Applications – 8/8/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Argo Gavin Dirk – to -Blagg Karmyn Elizabeth -8/4/2010
Arreola Rodrigo – to -Bow Therese -8/4/2010
Baumlin Nathan Cory – to -Fritz Brittany Ann -8/2/2010
Birkhimer James Lynn – to -Bowen Cheryl Ann -8/2/2010
Brayman Keith James – to -Siniscalchi Michelle Lynn -8/4/2010
Brown David Murel Jr – to -Verdell Sharonda Denise -8/2/2010
Burress Brandon Lee – to -Bill Jenifer Susan -8/4/2010
Carter William Edward Ii – to -King Ashley Brianna -8/6/2010
Cole Gerald Dean – to -Clark Bonnie Marie Tomlinson -8/3/2010
Dry Roger Lee – to -Thompson Therese Anne Ennis -8/2/2010
Farmer Jordan Clark – to -Edmondson Alaina Christine -8/4/2010
Ferris Ronald Melvin – to -Irwin Kara Lynn -8/4/2010
Gammon Kyle Matthew – to -Malecki Lauren Nicole -8/4/2010
Grayer Edward – to -Mitchell Sandra -8/6/2010
Hammill Eric James – to -Johnson Amy Elizabeth -8/4/2010
Hassell Jeffrey Todd – to -Ratliff Lisa Ann -8/4/2010
Hodge Johnny Ringo – to -Cline Robin Lynn -8/3/2010
Holder Andrew Alan – to -Esposito Christina -8/4/2010
Hrnciar Anthony David – to -Jackson Amanda Renee -8/2/2010
Jackson Scott Michael – to -Padgett Sonya Rene -8/3/2010
Jordan Patrick Anthony – to -Smith Joann Noel Bazarnik -8/4/2010
Kerper George Beaver – to -Ancone Candace Faith -8/2/2010
Lynn Justin Thomas – to -Skipper Ashley Raven -8/2/2010
Markley Rodney Lee – to -Huften Catherine Gladys -8/4/2010
Mcmahon Ronald Edwin Iii – to -Bayne Bettina -8/4/2010
Miller Jefferson Brown Iii – to -Sallas Megan Elizabeth -8/4/2010
Moore Jason Patrick – to -Millward Laurie Marie -8/4/2010
Odell Michael David – to -Whitton Stefanie Anne -8/4/2010
Paul Andrew Noah – to -Smith Adrienne Ann Meadows -8/2/2010
Spelock Paul Pete – to -Mansfield Christa Renee -8/4/2010
Sweet Arnett Lazar – to -Green Joyce Ann -8/4/2010
Thorpe Jeffrey Scott – to -Mollitt Meredith Ann -8/3/2010
Turner Bobby Spencer – to -Moseley Emma Moncure -8/3/2010
White Randall Dewitt – to -White Julie Ann Guyott -8/4/2010
Whitehead James Michael – to -Scaglione Andrea Marie -8/2/2010
Woodard Frederick Karl Jr – to -Watkins Jill Ann Lester -8/3/2010

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