Marriage Licenses Applications – 9/26/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Albertson Samuel Thomas- to -Brown Rebecca Nicole-9/20/2010
Baisden Blair Albert- to -Goncalves Rosinha Kurtz-9/21/2010
Birch Kevin Paul- to -Meakins Janet-9/20/2010
Brewer Patrick Michael- to -Jackson Peaches Allison Staier-9/24/2010
Cloman James Franklin IV- to -Gravatt Allison Lea Williams-9/21/2010
Cyr Michael Alan- to -Bissonette Brittany Lynn-9/24/2010
Deliwala Nirav Bhupendra- to -Shroff Deepal Mukesh-9/20/2010
Furnas Jeremy Wayne- to -Mullins Allison Kay-9/23/2010
Gidel Mark Stephen- to -Shepkosky Debra Ann Mendenhall-9/23/2010
Hollingsworth Jason Thomas- to -Schultze Wanda Michelle-9/21/2010
Howell Michael David- to -Johnson Promilla Elizabeth-9/21/2010
Jackson Chivar Jaron- to -Johnson Marlena Zinnia-9/21/2010
Jones Bolton William III- to -Ess Sandra Lynne-9/20/2010
King Kevin Andrew- to -Kantor Ann Marie Piraino-9/22/2010
Lee Kevin Alexander- to -Hegarty Erin Marie-9/21/2010
Leithead Kieron John- to -Peters Joanne Paula Owen-9/24/2010
Little James Gordon- to -Suresch Hiliary Noel-9/21/2010
Morley Scott Richard- to -Harley Mary Ann-9/23/2010
Mule Philip Jeffrey- to -Bennett Deborah Sue CarnIVal-9/20/2010
Sox Timothy Caughman Jr- to -Taylor Ashley Leeann-9/23/2010
Sudnik Igor Kazimirovich- to -Chetvertkova Larisa Nemechenko-9/24/2010

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