Marriage Licenses Applications – 9/5/2010

The information contained in this report is taken from sources deemed reliable; the accuracy and completeness of which Historic City News does not control and cannot guarantee. The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Atteberry Christopher William – to -Villalpando Amber Dawn -8/31/2010
Bedell Kyle Marshall – to -Boykin Ashley Nicole -8/30/2010
Bridges Jerry Dean – to -McAleese Dorothy May Spurlin -9/3/2010
Devito Michael Joseph Jr – to -Huber Catherine Denise -9/3/2010
Economos Efstatheos Andrew – to -Cunningham Caroline Brittney -8/30/2010
Hersey William Paul Jr – to -Plant Amber Leann -9/1/2010
Kirkpatrick Aaron Christopher – to -Moon Erica Marie -8/30/2010
Livaditis Stephen Shaen – to -Fields Karen Marie -8/31/2010
Lyons John Willie III – to -Williams Teneka Michelle -8/31/2010
Mirabella Matthew Michael – to -Brooks Whitney Marie -8/31/2010
Moate Joshua Dixon – to -Peacock Desiree Jeanette Benot -9/2/2010
Perez Theresa Annette Chiappini – to -Perez Michael -9/3/2010
Player Thomas Mcgill – to -Sellars Virginia Ruth -8/31/2010
Rigel William Robert – to -Evans Laura Mae -8/31/2010
Smith Donald James – to -Delano Leslie Jo -8/30/2010
Soto Milton Daniel – to -Echevarria Megan Lynn -8/30/2010
Vanderzee James Irving III- to -Robinson Sarah Young -8/30/2010
Washington Carlton Morris Jr – to -Jones Jacquelin June -8/31/2010
Wilmoth Dewane Eugene – to -Buasinger Donna Lee -8/30/2010
Woodward Norman Randolph Jr – to -Green Bobby Jo Dunleavy -8/31/2010

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