Mooring field bids to be opened soon

General Services Director Jim Piggott tells local St. Augustine news reporters with Historic City News that bids under the Harbor Management Plan for the city’s mooring fields will be opened April 22nd.

Installation should begin after July 4th and completion is expected by the end of August.

“Waterfront residents can reserve moorings at the City marina beginning June 1st, remaining city and county residents beginning June 14th, and all others beginning June 28th,” Piggott says.

“Boats anchored in the mooring field areas should be prepared to move for a short time — sometime after July 1st,” Piggott told our reporters. “Dinghies at the Lighthouse boat ramp beach will also have to temporarily relocate by June 14th for construction of dinghy racks for mooring field users.”

In an attempt to cooperate with those affected most by the process, Piggott said, “The city will make every effort to limit the time and distance boaters will be asked to move during the construction of the mooring fields.”

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