More Goldstein drama with Service Corporation

Historic City News reporters learned that late yesterday afternoon, another attempt was made by St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation employees to have Shores’ resident Keith Goldstein arrested.

At a special meeting of the Board of Directors held Thursday at the Riverview Club, deputies were reportedly called to the scene almost immediately after Goldstein. arrived.

In February, Goldstein was arrested based on sworn affidavits from five employees at the Riverview Club who allege that he had become more and more aggressive in his harassment of them. A battle has been ongoing for some time between a group of St. Augustine Shores property owners, including Goldstein, and St. Augustine Shores Service Corporation, the homeowner association managers.

After four months of review by the State Attorney’s Office, it has been decided that Keith Goldstein will not be prosecuted. All charges against Goldstein were dropped in a motion filed by Assistant State Attorney Cheryl A. McCray earlier this week; on June 21st.

Service Corporation Board member, Beatrice Racicot, was said to have alerted some of the office employees that Goldstein was in the building; accompanied by the editor of The St. Augustine Shores Civic Advocate.

Deputies arrived on the scene within fifteen minutes according to reports; however, they left the meeting without contacting Goldstein and without further incident. St. Johns County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Chuck Mulligan tells Historic City News that, at this time, there are no criminal charges being pursued against Goldstein. “The situation Thursday was deemed to be a civil matter,” Mulligan confirmed.

When asked about the incident, Goldstein’s only response was, “They are probably going to continue the harassment until either they go, or, I go — and, I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon.”

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