My true friends are my inspiration

Now that the elections are over, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our readers who patiently put up with the obligatory political advertising in Historic City News — afterall, we have to pay the bills around here and we are funded solely from advertising revenue.

On a personal note, as Editor, I want to say that I appreciate our reader’s restraint in not turning our pages into a free-for-all of politically biased comments. It would have certainly been your right to support or reject the candidate of your choice, including me.

Further, as a candidate, I want you to know that I am happy to return to my life as a local businessman, a reporter, a photographer, a merchant, a private investigator and a husband to a wife who has been enormously patient and supportive throughout this election season.

And lastly, I want to thank my supporters; who came in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some of you sent supportive e-mails, made wall posts to my facebook page, gave me useful and appreciated advice and, of course, contributed your time and money generously in support of our common goals.

God bless you all for your friendships and kindness over the years — your encouragement has always been inspiring.

Michael Gold
Historic City News

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