Northeast county Community Collection Day

Community collection days St. Johns County spokesperson Karen Pan reported to local news reporters that Solid Waste Management is holding a “Community Collection Day” for household hazardous waste in northeast St. Johns County.

This community event is scheduled for Saturday, March 20th at the TPC parking lot in Ponte Vedra Beach. The parking lot is situated off County Road 210 just west of the intersection with State Road A1A. Hours of the event are 8:00 am until noon, and there is no fee for this service for St. Johns County residents.

Only household hazardous waste is collected at this event, and no commercial waste will be accepted.

Here are some examples of items collected in the past: acetone, aerosol cans, antifreeze, auto cleaning products, batteries of all kinds and sizes, brake fluid, ceramic adhesive, cleaning fluids, stove fuels, cooking oil, fertilizers, flea dip, unbroken fluorescent bulbs, gasoline, gear oil, grout, kerosene, joint compound, lamp oil, lubricants, motor oil, muriatic acid, paint, paint additives, pesticides, plant food, pool chemicals, propane gas cylinders, refinishers, soaps, shampoo, solvents, thinner, transmission fluid and wax.

In addition, all types of electronics will be collected, including computers, televisions, radios, tape players, power tools, telephones of all types and batteries. All computer hard drives will be “wiped” by a state-certified electronics contractor. Residents may also drop off up to ten car or light truck tires on collection days. Sheriff’s deputies will be present to handle flares, ammunition and weapons.

Citizens are encouraged to make an audit of the “hazardous” materials in their households and to remove any chemicals or other substances and materials that are not being actively used. Homeowners often hoard potentially dangerous items that will never actually be used again or that have been used once or twice for a special project. Even common household cleaners and yard chemicals can pose a safety threat to occupants, visitors or pets.

The following materials will not be accepted at this event: construction and demolition debris, large appliances, yard trash, garbage and materials from businesses.

Residents are also reminded that household hazardous wastes are also accepted Monday through Saturday at the Solid Waste Management facility on Stratton Road, which is located off U.S 1 (across from Holly’s Nursery) four miles south of the Gate Station.

For more information about household hazardous waste or this event, and for bad weather updates, please call St. Johns County Solid Waste Management at (904) 827-6980.

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