Passengers rescued from capsizing sailboat

The local St. Augustine news desk has learned that last Friday afternoon, Police Corporal Jerry Whitehead responded to a vessel calling for assistance in the area of the St Augustine Inlet.

Whitehead observed a 40 foot-long sailboat in danger of capsizing and called for life guards with Jet Ski’s to rescue the passengers onboard. Fire rescue also responded to the scene.

When the lifeguards arrived, they were able to rescue two passengers off the sail boat and transport them to the police vessel which relayed them to the City Marina.

Whitehead reported that the sailboat had become lodged on a sandbar and that he was unable to free the boat. Seatow was called after attempts to get the vessel off of the sandbar failed.

While being towed, the vessel took on water but was able to make it to St Augustine Marine for repairs.

Community Affairs Officer Barbara Clifford of the St. Augustine Police Department reports that everyone on board was safely transported to dry land.

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